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Seven basic practical essentials of laser printer

if you do something for a long time, sometimes your thinking will suddenly narrow. Sometimes I have this feeling, so I have to be strict with myself to see, listen and learn more. However, the old saying of brainstorming is not general. Sometimes good knowledge and experience are learned through continuous discussion. Fortunately, in the era of extremely developed networks, there are many unknown teachers on the networks. This is not true. According to the prediction of foreign authorities, there are also experts in Youzhong. Today, I have sorted out a post about precautions for laser printers in the forum for everyone to learn from

seven basic practical essentials of laser printer

1. About startup: the printer should turn on the power after the computer is started, otherwise if the printer is turned on first, the computer will start the printer again, causing additional losses

2. About paper placing: the paper in the paper box must be moderately loose and placed neatly, otherwise it is very easy to jam (don't believe that the operation advertised is so simple that carelessness will make the printer stand still)

3. About paper jam: no matter how good the printer is, it may jam. When paper jam, first cut off the power supply and then open the chassis, otherwise the machine will be burned

4. About buying paper: we must believe that "cheap is not good". Don't use paper below 70g with a laser printer. In addition, do not use paper with a rough surface for printing, because a large amount of dust will be generated in the printer due to high heat and static electricity, until it is burnt out

5. About the setting of printing quality, I went to tai1 Yingtuo technology company in Hengli Town: in order to save money, I have tried to print in a saving mode. Although this method reduces the printing color depth, it can prolong the use time to 2-3 times that of installing various friction pairs on the collet. However, it must be noted that the ink saving mode cannot be used for printing for a long time. I once played for more than 4 hours in a row, but there was a black print out. Other reasons can't be found. I think it may be the reason for saving ink

6. About viruses: there were some statements about printer viruses before, but I think the anti-virus software I used never told me what it was that I was hit. However, some viruses may cause the printed document to fail to start. Generally, turn off the printer and start it later. The heaviest thing is to restart the computer

7. About consumables: for a period of time, I used a canon, my colleagues used Epson, and our two machines cost more than 300 yuan to change ink once. Every time he changed the ink, he filled it with 100 yuan, and I bought the original package. Within half a year, his machine was thrown away

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