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Recently, in the Shibi reservoir section of Zhuji Dongyang highway on Provincial Highway 22, a mountain more than 30 meters high beside the road was reorganized into two steps, the slope was covered with a covering film, and a protective wall about one person high was built with block stones at the lower part of the mountain. The whole slope looks neat, and the original uneven and suspended rock masses are missing

accidents caused by landslides and falling rocks have always been a worry for drivers. The new technology of TBS vegetation slope protection of highway slope was introduced into the municipal highway section, which effectively solved this problem

it is understood that due to the objective conditions during the construction and maintenance period after the completion of the highway, most of the mountains near the road in the early mountainous areas have not been specially treated. The mountains are close to the highway, with steep slopes and mixed debris on the slope. Therefore, in rainy seasons, it is easy to cause dangerous situations such as landslide and collapse. The protruding rocks on the mountain are also prone to fall due to long-term weathering. These have brought potential threats to the safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians

according to CAI, an engineer from the Municipal Highway Section Engineering Department who is inspecting the project construction on site, the construction adopts the new technology of TBS vegetation slope protection project, which mainly strengthens the slope, conserves water and soil, and afforests the environment by driving anchor bolts into the mountain, pulling composite materials and spraying GBM greening base materials, structural modifiers, BPR mixed grass seeds thick base materials and other links. It can not only effectively intercept rainfall, weaken splash erosion, control soil particle loss, reduce pore water pressure of slope, prevent dangerous rocks from falling, and effectively ensure the safety of passing vehicles, but also make the exposed mountain rock surface quickly restore the ecological vegetation environment, stabilize and beautify the mountain. "In spring, the grass seeds and flower seeds sprayed with cloth will sprout. At that time, this hillside will become as beautiful as a flower garden!"

20 if there is any loosening, in 2009, the municipal highway section carried out civilized highway construction activities on the 22 provincial highway Zhuji Dongyang highway. In order to improve the construction grade, improve the safe operation environment of vehicles on the line, and create a "quality" and "ecological" highway environment, this section adopted the advanced technology of TBS vegetation slope protection, invested 700000 yuan, and reconstructed 12 slopes that are prone to dangerous situations, with a total reconstruction area of 8000 square meters

it is reported that this year, TBS vegetation slope protection engineering technology will continue to be applied in this section, which is applicable to parts and components that need to be wear-resistant to stone chips, and the technical transformation will be carried out on the relevant mountain slopes along the Zhuji section of the Hangjin line of provincial highway 03. At the same time, we will actively create conditions and strive to promote the engineering technology of TBS trough matching with the conductor to be tested and vegetation slope protection on other trunk highways

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