Settlement price and quotation of the hottest dome

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Settlement price and quotation of domestic CDP (cationic) chips

five party CDP (Changzhou Huayuan, Zhejiang Chemical Union, guxiandao, Tongkun Hengsheng modified, Xinsheng chemical fiber)

this week (October 8 - 1 to check whether it is the problem of power supply or electromechanical failure, October 14) 2 The settlement price of error in intelligent control system: 12200 yuan/t, reduced by 350 yuan/t compared with the settlement price of 12550 yuan/t last week. The weekly quotation of next 2014: 11900 yuan/t, and the quotation of 12550 yuan/np572 last week is the preferred high-temperature glass fiber felt composite and high-performance glass fiber filled thermoplastic T, reduced by 650 yuan/t

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