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Liu Zhenya investigates Pinggao Xuji's requirements for building sustainable innovation

from October 6 to 7, Liu Zhenya, general manager and Secretary of the Party group of the State Power Corporation, accompanied by Shi Jichun, vice governor of Henan Province, successively visited Pingdingshan CETC PingGao Group Co., Ltd. and Xuchang CETC Xuji Group Co., Ltd. in Henan Province to conduct in-depth research on the development of electrical equipment manufacturing industry, Comprehensively understand the innovation progress and industrial development status of the two enterprises at the same time, study and guide their future development, and put forward expectations and requirements for the next step. Li Ruge, chief accountant of the company and member of the Party group, participated in the research

Pinggao group is a pillar enterprise of major technical equipment in China's electrical industry and one of the three R & D and manufacturing bases of UHV and UHV switches. Liu Zhenya and his party successively visited Pinggao intelligent power transmission and transformation equipment industrial base site selection plot, Pinggao group headquarters and Dongchang District, Pinggao Toshiba second factory and other places to conduct research. XJ Group is the backbone enterprise of secondary equipment manufacturing in China's power system, and occupies a leading position in the field of relay protection and automation. Liu Zhenya went deep into XJ high tech Electric City, XJ Group's high-tech product zone and high-tech product production line, UHV Engineering Test and Research Center, and XJ Wind Power Industrial Park in Zhongyuan Electric Valley, in addition to the role of adding graphene alone, to understand the development of the enterprise

everywhere, Liu Zhenya shook hands with the cadres and employees who stayed at their posts during the festival and expressed condolences, affirming everyone's good mental state of working overtime and hard work. In the construction site, laboratory and production workshop, Liu Zhenya also had cordial exchanges with the staff, focusing on the level of scientific and technological research and development and the application and transformation of achievements, so as to comprehensively understand the business development, industrial positioning and development planning of the enterprise

in recent years, Pinggao group and XJ Group have taken the industrialization of UHV major equipment, smart electricity and new energy as the direction, given full play to their research and development advantages, maintained a stable business situation in serving the construction and development of UHV power and smart electricity, achieved technological upgrading, steadily improved the measurement accuracy, and increased the market share of high-end products. Liu Zhenya fully affirmed the good achievements made by the two enterprises in terms of business performance

Liu Zhenya stressed that Pinggao group and XJ Group are relatively dense in talents and rich in resources. On the whole, the enterprise has a good development trend and has the conditions and foundation to become better, stronger and bigger. He hoped that the two enterprises would further establish their ambition to revitalize China's national electrical equipment manufacturing industry, seize opportunities, explore and innovate, work solidly, strengthen management, and, in particular, clarify the implementation of solutions and time schedule for some major problems, effectively enhance the strength of enterprises, and create excellent sustainable innovation capabilities, Constitute the deep cooperation between the industry and automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises, and actively serve the future power construction and local economic and social development

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