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[research express] Jianlang hardware received research from four institutions including Guosheng securities

the news was released on December 24, 2018. On December 21, 2018, the company received a total of four institutions including Guosheng securities. The reception personnel were chairman and President Bai Baokun, board secretary Yin Jianzhong, chief financial officer zouzhimin, securities affairs representative Han Shuang, and the reception place was the conference room of the company headquarters

main contents

1. How many new product categories are added this year? What are they? What is the scale and trend of new products, and whether the second half of the year is faster than the first half? What are the new categories with relatively fast volume

this year, the company continues to expand its product categories in an orderly manner around the development positioning and strategic planning of building hardware system integration suppliers. On the basis of the stable development of the original advantageous industries, the new main categories and products include: fresh air systems, smart home products, waterproof and refractory materials, fasteners, building accessories and tools

at present, many new products are still in the stage of market promotion and cultivation, and new product orders have not yet formed a large scale. However, relying on the sales network system established by the company over the years and relatively high-quality customer resources, it has great market development potential, has a large number of potential customers, and will have a good market development prospect in the future

2. Smart home product layout? It provides innovative ideas for the development of new technologies. What are the main reasons for the average growth rate in the first half of the year? How about the second half of the year? What are the main categories of other building hardware

the company has been deploying smart home products since 2012, and has accelerated the business expansion of smart home products after listing. At present, it has many kinds of products, such as Hebes smart lock, JUNHE Ruitong visual intercom system, Qintai intelligent window opening system, intelligent clothes hanger, granesco new air blower and so on. With the advantage of its own sales platform, Jianlang promotes smart home products with B2B based business integration mode

since the second half of this year, the company has set up a special team to further integrate its smart home products and sort out their processes. At present, some projects are in the state of follow-up or contract signing, gradually giving play to the company's "end-to-end" operating advantages, and forming a comprehensive supporting capacity for product production, sales, installation and after-sales service. In the future, the company will also continue to expand its business in the field of smart home to meet the diversified needs of the same type of consumers that are not credible until the experimental results are met

other building hardware categories mainly include: sealant strips, refractory materials, waterproof materials, metal tools, fasteners, labor protection products, security materials, lighting appliances, etc

3. What is the current purchasing mode of real estate companies for building hardware? How to implement integrated supply

at present, large-scale real estate companies will conduct centralized bidding for different categories of construction hardware in the business process. Usually, according to the different grades of real estate, the real estate companies will delineate different grades of brands, which can achieve the purpose of reducing the operating cost by changing the price with the quantity on the premise of ensuring the quality and grade of the real estate. After the brand is delineated, the purchase mode of "a refers to B purchases" or "a refers to B purchases"

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the operation of single category and single grade products is becoming more and more limited. In the development process in recent years, strong has integrated products of multiple categories around building hardware, and formulated a variety of strategies to deal with the market through the synergy between products, so as to improve the company's and profits, especially the "integrated supply". The strategy of a single product is mainly to make a plan for customers, and then send purchase demands to multiple suppliers according to the requirements of the plan, but "integrated supply" is to provide systematic solutions to customers. This method not only greatly improves the quality for customers, but also reduces the management cost. In order to ensure the implementation of "integrated supply", the company has set up a special team to promote it from the perspectives of solution formulation, sales promotion and other aspects, and constantly guide customers from purchasing products to purchasing solutions. At present, this marketing strategy has been recognized by more customers

4. The total number of employees of the company is close to 10000. How about the new employees in the production and sales department this year? Changes in labor costs this year? It is expected that the labor cost will increase. At present, the single output value of the company is relatively low. Will it have a great impact on profits

at present, it is facing the trend pressure of the continuous rise of human costs, and at the same time, there is a lack of labor in some industries involved by the company. Therefore, improving efficiency and reducing personnel has become a problem that the company needs to continue to improve

this year, the company has achieved initial results by comprehensively implementing the internal budget system, strengthening the assessment of per capita efficiency, and regularly tracking and feeding back the cost budget and performance achievement indicators. The per capita sales excluding tax have increased to a certain extent, from about 370000 last year to more than 400000 this year. Combined with the information disclosed in the first three quarters, it can be seen that the profitability of enterprises is strengthening quarter by quarter

5. How is the company's current online platform progressing? How many customers place orders through online platforms

at present, the online sales platform owned by the company has set up Taobao flagship store, tmall flagship store and flagship store. The online platform mainly puts the company's door control, floor spring, door closer, bathroom, lock and other interior hardware products. As a supplement to the company's direct selling marketing strategy, online platforms currently maintain an annual sales volume of about 7 or 8 million, accounting for a relatively low proportion

in addition, the company's customer platform construction project is still in progress

6. Accounts receivable have increased significantly this year. How long is the payment period for customers of general doors and windows and engineering companies? How about the capital reserves under the future business expansion

from the perspective of the whole construction industry this year, the overall concentration has been further improved, the capital chain of the construction industry is tight, and the advance fund has increased slightly compared with the previous year. Therefore, as an integrated supplier of construction hardware, it has also been affected to a certain extent

the company adopts differentiated credit management mode for different customer groups by strengthening the evaluation of credit rating. At the same time, the same kind of hydraulic oil can be properly added in case of lack of oil; If the oil has evolved to be collected, due to the seasonal impact, the collection will be mainly concentrated at the end of the year, and it is expected that the accounts receivable at the end of the year will be better than that in the middle of the year

future business expansion will be mainly solved through self owned funds, and relevant financing plans will be considered in combination with the progress of investment scale, but there is no clear plan at present

reception detailed object serial number reception object type institution related personnel 1 Guosheng Securities Co., Ltd. securities company Fang Dalei 2 Management Co., Ltd. management company Shen Yuliang 3 Management Co., Ltd. fund management company Li Yuanbo 4 Management Co., Ltd. fund management company Shi Lei

in recent years, The company's access to institutional research is shown in the following table:

research date date number of reception institutions reception method reception personnel reception location research three months later rise or fall (%) specific object research chairman and President Bai Baokun Company headquarters conference room - specific object Research Board Secretary yinjianzhong Company headquarters conference room - specific object research chairman and President Bai Baokun Company headquarters conference room -17 Yinjianzhong, Secretary of the board of directors of specific object research Company headquarters conference room -25 Yinjianzhong, Secretary of the board of directors of specific object research The company headquarters conference room -15.72

recently,,, and other companies have issued institutional research announcements, the details of which are as follows:

code name, number of reception institutions, reception method, reception personnel, reception location, research date 300095 Hua Wu Co., Ltd. 1 specific object Research Board Secretary Chen Fengju Jiangxi Huawu brake Co., Ltd Research on specific objects of Hongqiang 4, Liu Lianjun, Zhu Jihan, Zhang Xiao Shiwan Town Branch, BOLUO County, Huizhou City Suning Tesco 2 specific object research securities affairs assistant Chen Lingling Headquarters conference room specific object research company R & D Center Conference Room headquarters conference room AVIC 6 specific object research Chen Hechao, Li Li, Zhuang Jintao No. 353 office building of the company

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