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Research findings: researchers with covid

Palo Alto networks threat intelligence team unit 42 in more than 450000 cloud connections found that the public cloud infrastructure has established communication with the domain name that spreads covid-19 themed malware. Previously, unit 42 published a signed article at the end of March, discussing various attacks launched by malicious attackers using covid-19 (covid-19), which lacked industrialized action. Unit 42 researchers tried to further determine whether covid-19 related malicious events occurred in the public cloud infrastructure through more in-depth research. Once this activity is found, how should enterprises and institutions take protective measures

researchers found more than 300 malware samples with covid-19 as the theme, which established communication with 20 independent IP addresses and domain name intrusion indicators (IOC). By querying the network connections between prism cloud and these 20 suspicious intrusion indicators from March 1 to April 7, 2020, researchers found that there were 453074 unique network connections in 27 independent cloud environments (see Figure 1)

more than 450000 cloud connections are equipped with advanced large-scale circuits for circuit design. Covid-19 theme malware intrusion index (IOC)

covers 27 independent cloud environments with potential intrusion risk

clear signs indicate that nodes that perform command and control (C2) operations related to covid-19 theme malware have established communication

Figure 1: workflow chart

because researchers cannot view network traffic, No malware samples that have initiated network connections have been received, so it is impossible to determine whether these 27 enterprises have actually been attacked by covid-19 theme malware. Nevertheless, we should still regard these network connections as highly suspicious, because the target endpoint has a history of malware operations when the product concentration is higher than the other

it is crucial that every enterprise must monitor the network communication of its cloud infrastructure to ensure that malicious communication is identified and blocked. The cloud native security platform solution must be integrated into the cloud infrastructure, development and production environment to ensure that these covid-19 themed attacks cannot occur in the cloud infrastructure

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