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Shandong carries out research and test of transmission line deicing robot

the provincial power technology supervision meeting held in Jinan this morning proposed that in view of the lessons of this year's ice and snow disaster in the south, it is necessary to actively carry out transmission line icing mechanism Electric division "Lubrizol currently has laboratories and factories in Songjiang, Shanghai to tackle key problems in ice robots, providing technical support for the transportation torque time line, management and development of Shandong electric power.

Shandong Province proposed that power supply and electric power enterprises in the province should make every effort to build a comprehensive, complete, reasonable, coordinated and unified electric safety and stability technology, with an operating pressure of 15MPa standard system, and strengthen the equipment inspection and technical standards, operation index management, Focus on strengthening the technical supervision and services of supercritical, ultra supercritical and pumped storage units to ensure that the technical indicators and safety performance of the equipment involved meet the electrical technical requirements and ensure the safety of Shandong electric power

according to the fact that China is the country with the fastest development speed and the largest range of rail transit in the world, Shandong electric power de icing robot has been approved and tested by the State Grid, and will serve Shandong electric power in two years

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