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China has researched and developed the first chlorine free fluoropolyurethane foaming agent

even if you don't know chemical engineering, you must have heard of freon and the once widely publicized "fluorine free refrigerator". In fact, due to its low boiling point and other characteristics, chlorofluorocarbons such as Freon can not only be used as refrigerants for air conditioning compressors, but also as polyurethane foam, striving to make several new material varieties enter the global supply chain as hairdressing and foaming agents. As its destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer is gradually clarified and valued, chlorofluorocarbons have accelerated the elimination and replacement process in the field of refrigerants and foaming agents

on July 6, the world's first chlorine free fluoropolyurethane chemical foaming agent jointly developed by Zibo Zhenghua foaming material Co., Ltd. and Shandong University of science and technology succeeded in the application test of wall spraying in Zibo, Shandong Province. This removes chlorine and fluorine from the world polyurethane industry, corresponding to the tensile strength σ B's external load has taken an important step towards opening a new chapter of green development

green environmental protection defines the new direction of industry

"The polyurethane chemical foaming agent we developed does not contain chlorine and fluorine elements, and can completely replace the existing physical foaming agent containing chlorofluorocarbons, finding a new way for the world polyurethane industry to eliminate 'ozone depleting substances' and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The chlorine free fluorine polyurethane chemical foaming agent cfa8 is the only organic compound in the world that can react with isocyanates to produce carbon dioxide gas, except water, which is polyurethane." The development and research of polyurethane foaming agent has laid a theoretical foundation and redefined the development direction of polyurethane industry. " Biyusui, inventor of patented technology and professor of Chemical Engineering College of Shandong University of technology, told China chemical industry news

1987, the international convention of the Montreal protocol agreed that Freon was completely prohibited from being used as a foaming agent worldwide; At present, the production and import of the second generation chemical foaming agent HCFC-141b has been completely prohibited in Europe and the United States. China promises to completely ban the production and use of HCFC-141b by 2030. In order to fill the market gap, the third generation physical foaming agents HFC-245fa and hfc-365mfc came into being, but they still produce a large number of substances that destroy the ozone layer in the production process, and will produce greenhouse effect

"at present, the United States is pushing for the fourth generation of physical foaming agents, which are more environmentally friendly and safe, but the global warming potential (GWP) is still greater than 1, and the molecules still contain fluorine and chlorine, which can not be avoided from destroying the ozone layer." Biyusui said that with the improvement of environmental protection performance, the price of these physical foaming agents is also doubling

"while the ozone depleting potential value (ODP value) of cfa8 is zero, the GWP value is 1, and the LCCP of climate performance in the service life is the lowest. It is a new green, environmental friendly and safe chemical foaming agent." Bi yusui said

Bi yusui introduced that the polyurethane material produced with this foaming agent has high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity and good dimensional stability. In 2013, the appraisal committee composed of three academicians, Shu Xingtian, Wu Weizu and Wang Xieqing, appraised this scientific and technological achievement and believed that the production process design of the chemical foaming agent was scientific and reasonable, the raw materials were easy to obtain, the cost was low, the production process was free of three wastes, clean and environmental protection, and the properties of the material met the relevant quality standards, which was expected to replace the existing physical foaming agent

"in the future, we are expected to produce the most power-saving refrigerators and other electrical equipment in the world, LNG storage and transportation equipment with the best thermal insulation performance in the world, and buildings with good fire protection performance and the most energy-saving and environmental protection." Bi yusui is confident

fill the gap and cover the global market

the interview learned that as the relevant implementation deadline of the Montreal protocol is getting closer, the physical foaming agents containing chlorine and fluorine elements will be eliminated faster. As the only substitute of physical foaming agent, chlorine free fluoropolyurethane chemical foaming agent cfa8 has broad market space and great potential economic value

polyurethane rigid foam material has excellent performance and is widely used in refrigeration and heat preservation, building energy conservation, solar energy, automobile, refrigerator and freezer industries. According to the statistics of China Polyurethane Industry Association, the global demand for polyurethane rigid foam materials was 5.7 million tons in 2014. From 2014 to 2020, the demand is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%. Polyurethane foaming agent, as one of the important production raw materials of polyurethane rigid foam materials, will also have a huge market demand. In the next few years, the amount of polyurethane foaming agent will reach 600000 tons

Secretary General of the China Polyurethane Industry Association, lvcongyang, told that previously, the development of polyurethane foaming agents in China had always been limited to the rules of the game set by foreign companies, bearing abnormally high price costs. He believes that the industrialization of cfa8 is not only expected to replace imports, but also provides strong support for China's leading future world Caixin to learn about the foaming agent industry rules in the national "two sessions" interview

"cfa8 has attracted great attention of the Ministry of environmental protection since its publication, and was included in the United Nations multilateral fund support plan in 2014. We have also received strong support from relevant departments of the State Intellectual Property Office. Now we have applied for a series of patents at home and abroad, and have established a complete intellectual property protection system." Bi yusui said

the transformation of achievements still needs policy assistance

at the media conference on the application of polyurethane chemical foaming agent held in Zibo on July 6, many industry experts said that cfa8 has great potential to replace the existing chlorofluorocarbons hairdressing foaming agent, but to ensure the successful transformation of this major scientific and technological achievement and go global, more supporting measures and policy support are needed

Li Yongliang, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that the achievements of the new polyurethane chemical foaming agent should be incorporated into the medium and long-term strategic development plan of the industry, and the support for the basic theoretical research, achievement transformation, standard system construction, industrialization and Application Research of this achievement should be strengthened

Han Baole, Deputy Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, said that the industry association will actively pay attention to the development of alternative substances, coordinate and organize technical exchanges and application experiments between upstream and downstream enterprises, build a cooperation platform, and provide a display stage for new environmental friendly polyurethane chemical foaming agents, so that more downstream manufacturers can understand, try and use them on a large scale, and gradually open the market door

Niu Shengyin, director of Zibo science and Technology Bureau, suggested that Zibo polyurethane alliance be upgraded to Shandong Provincial alliance to promote new foaming agent products throughout the province. The science and Technology Bureau is also considering providing corresponding subsidies to help enterprises quickly form industrial production capacity

"the existing physical foaming agent system is very mature. Some physical foaming agents on the edge of elimination are still favored by most polyurethane foam material manufacturers and are widely used because of their low price. This requires the government to make efforts and take multiple measures to guide enterprises to participate in the elimination plan. The speed of the elimination plan will directly affect the promotion and application of new environmental friendly foaming agents." Houyongzheng, chairman of Zibo Zhenghua foaming material Co., Ltd., said

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