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The United States is the most developed country in the packaging industry in the world, and attaches great importance to the research and development of advanced packaging machinery. These packaging machinery and equipment have laid the foundation for the production of advanced product packaging

it is understood that at present, the United States has a wide variety of packaging machinery and advanced equipment, but in order to adapt to the competition in the international market, they are still constantly developing more advanced packaging machinery and equipment. At present, the more advanced packaging machinery mainly includes blow molding machine, injection molding machine, carton and plastic bag processing and molding machine; At present, the main materials of most solar cells covered by various blocks on the roof are silicon, granular, powder and liquid commodity packaging machines; Molding, filling, measuring and sealing machines and pallet loading and unloading machines; Stretch wrapping machine for boxes, barrels and containers; Various sorting machines for quality control; Testing machine for packaging performance test; Cleaning machines, disinfectors and automatic production lines for the production of large corrugated boxes. Most of the packaging machinery in the United States is controlled by computers, which makes the packaging machinery develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The temperature, humidity, strength, voltage and the number of packages required for commodity packaging materials are programmed into the computer for automatic control. This can not only improve the efficiency of packaging machinery, improve the precision and accuracy of packaging machinery, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators, such as bulky carton stacking work, which women can complete as long as they operate with robots

select servo system in order to save investment in fixed assets, save energy and reduce costs, American Jinmin, as an excellent supplier of spray free materials, has developed its packaging machinery in the direction of economy, automation, efficiency and multi-function. Devices such as microprocessing program control, regulation system, sensing, photoelectric and so on are widely used in packaging machinery and equipment in the United States, which not only improves work efficiency, but also improves packaging quality. For example, there is a filling machine, which is not limited by the morphological differences between packaging materials and packaging objects under the same conditions. As long as it is slightly adjusted, it can adapt to the filling of packaging containers of various shapes. Another single press die-cutting machine covers an area of less than 5 square meters. One machine can complete paperboard printing, die-cutting indentation, bronzing, folding of cartons and other functions. The rotary die-cutting machine replaces the single sheet feeding with the feeding of drum material, so as to minimize the waste at the corners. When packaging food, those substances in the food that do not meet the hygiene requirements can be automatically excluded

computer metering separator has been widely used in production lines. It can remove products with inaccurate metering, products without labels, bottled goods without caps, and control filling metering. The popularization and use of computer metering and sorting machines has made the quality control of commodities mechanized, scientific and automated

due to the rapid development of packaging machinery in the United States and the continuous renewal of paper and corrugated box production equipment, corrugated boxes have developed to multiple levels (three corrugated and four corrugated cartons). The width of large transport packages increased from 2.3 meters to 4.8? 5 meters. This large-scale production equipment has the largest throughput, high degree of automation, good production efficiency, three knife synchronous cutting, less leftover materials, and good product quality. In the selection of corrugating roller type, the traditional a, B, C, e corrugating type is broken, and the honeycomb super large transportation packaging box appears. The corrugated fiber is made into non-woven fabric, which is used in combination with the pallet. Its impact resistance and cushioning performance are equal to that of the seven layer corrugated box, but the cost is reduced. The K type and K? L-shaped large corrugated box, a carton can be loaded into the whole car, and the box can contain more than one ton of food and more than one ton of liquid goods. Corrugated boxes for liquid goods are different from the plastic bags used in the past. Instead, waterproof materials are coated on the inner wall of the corrugated boxes, and valves are installed at the lower end of the boxes, so that the liquid can easily flow out of the boxes. This large corrugated box can be used many times

the United States not only actively develops advanced packaging machinery and equipment, but also pays great attention to the research and development of packaging cushioning materials, such as tape, binding materials and mechanical equipment. The packaging cushioning materials, polyethylene and polypropylene low foaming materials produced now can be selected according to the needs of different packaging commodities. These materials are diverse in shape, structure, cutting and other aspects, which can not only protect commodities, but also save packaging raw materials

source: Hardware today

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