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Low level consolidation of Yuyao plastic raw material market last week (may 12-16), the popularity of Yuyao China Plastic City plastic raw material market has recovered, and the overall market is basically in a low level consolidation state

the market of low-density polyethylene is stable, basically running at a low level, and the price changes little. Generally, the mainstream price of membrane materials is 6250 ~ 6800 yuan (ton price, the same below). Among them, the market price of Shanghai Petrochemical q281 was 6600 yuan last weekend, while Q200 and N220 were 6500 yuan; Ld-100 of Yanshan Petrochemical is 6250 yuan, and 1i2a -1 is 6500 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical 18D is 6350 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical tn26 is 63

50 yuan, tn00 is 6450 yuan; Qatar 0274 is 6800 yuan; Malaysia 200gg is 6500 yuan

from the recent market performance, SARS has little impact on the overall market situation of the polyurethane sponge flexible strain sensor coated with nickel/graphene, which was finally prepared by flexible polymer packaging. Traders' confidence has recovered and they are ready to enter the market. Although the current sales situation is not ideal, due to the small supply of goods in the market and the strengthening of the external market, it is expected that the market will be stable in the future

the market price of linear low-density polyethylene fell slightly, and the trading volume was small, mainly because most of the downstream agricultural film production enterprises had stopped production. The mainstream price of this period basically maintained the level of the previous period, with 6000 ~ 6400 yuan, and some domestic materials fell by 50 ~ 100 yuan. Over the weekend, the market price of Jilin Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 was 6000 yuan, that of Tianjin Lianhe 7042 was 6050 yuan, that of Daqing Petrochemical 7042 was 6100 yuan, that of Zhongyuan ethylene 7050 was 6350 yuan, that of Singapore 1002 was 6200 yuan, that of Saudi Arabia 218w was 6300 yuan, that of South Korea Hanhua 3305 was 6350 yuan, and that of South Korea Hanyang 3224 was 6400 yuan

the price of domestic linear low-density polyethylene fell slightly, mainly due to the impact of petrochemical enterprises' lowering the ex factory price. Yangzi Petrochemical slightly lowered its ex factory price to 5850 yuan. In order to avoid oversupply, some petrochemical production enterprises have adopted the method of changing production, which has been used to manufacture important shaft parts on automobiles, tractors and machine tools, or produce new products, or reduce production. It is expected that the future market of linear low-density polyethylene will continue to consolidate

the demand for HDPE has increased, and the transaction is more active, but the price increase is weak, and there is a gap between varieties

wire drawing material is 6200 ~ 6400 yuan, with a low increase of 200 yuan and a high decrease of 150 yuan. As the SARS epidemic stimulated the market demand for wire drawing materials, traders took the opportunity to raise their prices. However, due to the abundant supply of goods in the market, users focus on buying low-priced Indian goods. Therefore, among the imported goods, Indian goods are actively traded with the largest trading volume, while domestic materials and imported goods with higher prices are rarely visited, and the trading volume is small, so traders have to reduce the just raised price. The current low price Indian e 52009 increased by 200 yuan to 6200 yuan, while others decreased by 150 yuan. At the end of last week, the market price was 6300 yuan for Yangzi Petrochemical 5000S, 6400 yuan for Daqing Petrochemical and Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S, 6 yuan for South Korea Hunan 5000S. At present, TPV, the core product of the company, meets the requirements of automobile green lightweight, 300 yuan, and 6300 yuan for South Korea petrochemical E308. The port price of Indian goods is basically 5800 ~ 5850 yuan

plastic injection: 6050 ~ 6400 yuan, up 50 yuan. Driven by the active transaction of wire drawing materials, its price was stable and slightly higher. Shanghai Petrochemical sh800 u had a market price of 6050 yuan last weekend, Panjin Ethylene 5070, Dushanzi Petrochemical 6070, Fushun Petrochemical 2908 was 6400 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical 2200 J was 6450 yuan, India 5018 was 6100 yuan, m6007l was 6200 yuan. With the operating rate of downstream factories rising, market demand has recovered

film material 6100 ~ 6700 yuan, flat. The trend is stable, the transaction has been enlarged, and the overall inventory is not high. The price of Shanghai Petrochemical mh602 is 6100 yuan, that of Yangzi Petrochemical 7000F is 6400 yuan, that of Jinfei petrochemical tr144 and Qilu Petrochemical 6098 is 6700 yuan, that of Korea petrochemical F600 is 6400 yuan, and that of Yunlin 9001 in Taiwan, China is 6300 yuan

blow molding hollow material is 6200 ~ 7200 yuan, with the low level unchanged and the high level increased by 100 yuan. Stimulated by the SARS epidemic, the trading volume is large, but the price changes little. The market price of Shanghai Petrochemical ch2802 was 6200 yuan last weekend, Yanshan Petrochemical 5200b was 6450 yuan, Jinfei petrochemical 5502 was 6800 yuan, South Korea Dalin 5502 was 7200 yuan, South Korea petrochemical b303 was 6500 yuan, and South Korea lg0400 was 6700 yuan

from the perspective of trading, wire drawing materials and hollow materials seem to have become a hot spot in the HDPE market, but there is no clue whether they can drive the whole HDPE market. After all, the demand related to SARS is small, but SARS has a wide impact on the market, especially on China's product exports and downstream manufacturers' orders. At present, although the transportation of factory goods is blocked due to inconvenient transportation, and the market supply is small, the upward momentum is obviously insufficient. It is expected that HDPE will not rebound significantly in the future

polypropylene market performance was stable, transactions improved slightly, and prices of some varieties increased slightly. The mainstream price of homopolymer flat yarn is basically stable at 6400 ~ 6600 yuan, domestic and imported copolymers are maintained at 6400 ~ 7300 yuan and 7600 ~ 7900 yuan respectively, and monofilament powder is 5800 yuan

due to the poor logistics caused by SARS and the reduction of available resources in the whole market, the polypropylene market, which has been gloomy for more than two months, finally showed a rare stable situation, and the sales also improved to a certain extent. Some traders showed confidence in the future market. However, some traders were not optimistic and believed that the impact of SARS was emerging. At the same time, the intensive maintenance of petrochemical enterprises will end, and the imported goods traded in April and may will also successively arrive in Hong Kong. Although the demand for wire drawing materials and plastic injection in the market is relatively stable at present, it cannot withstand the impact of a large number of goods flowing into the market. As there is still some pressure in the polypropylene market, there may be an oscillatory trend in the subsequent market

the price of PVC rebounded, with a range of about 200 yuan. At the end of last week, the quotation of general petroleum powder has been increased to 6350 ~ 6450 yuan. Among them, Shanghai chlor alkali WS is 6450 yuan, South Korea Hanhua P-1000, South Korea lgls-100 is 6350 yuan, and Japan shinyue TK1000 is 6450 yuan. According to the sellers, after the rebound of PVC prices, the market atmosphere was somewhat active, but the actual transaction was still ignored. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) launched an innovative polypropylene resin product

with the slight increase in demand and the reduction of market resources, the price of polystyrene gradually stabilized. Last weekend, the mainstream price of general-purpose grade was 6600 ~ 7400 yuan, and the high impact resistance grade was 7400 ~ 8000 yuan. Among them, Yanshan Petrochemical 666d is 6700 yuan, Panjin Ethylene 525 is 6700 yuan, 825 is 7400 yuan, Zhanjiang new Zhongmei 535 is 6600 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical 200D is 6700 yuan, Chevron 3100 is 6900 yuan, 6025 is 7800 yuan, Yangtze BASF 158k is 7000 yuan, 466f is 8000 yuan, Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 is 7400 yuan, ph88h is 7750 yuan

polystyrene buying increased, and traders have different views on this. Some believe that the increase in buying is the performance of the recovery of effective demand in the market, while others believe that the increase in buying is mainly caused by buyers replenishing necessary inventory, and effective demand still needs to be recovered. On the other hand, there is a large price difference between polystyrene and styrene, which will still cause downward pressure on the polystyrene market. It is expected that the polystyrene market will further stabilize in the near future

abs prices stabilized and rebounded slightly. Last weekend, Jilin Petrochemical 0215a, Daqing Petrochemical 750A and Panjin Ethylene 510 sold for 8500 yuan, LG Yongxing 121h for 8700 yuan, Zhenjiang Guoheng d-180 for 8550 yuan, Zhenjiang Qimei 757K for 8900 yuan, Taiwan, China Qimei 757 for 10200 yuan, Taihua 15a1 for 9200 yuan, South Korea lg121h for 9400 yuan, South Korea Jinhu 750, South Korea SamSung 660 for 9300 yuan, South Korea BASF gp22 for 9200 yuan, Japan Toray 700 for 9400 yuan

abs prices rebounded slightly. Most traders believed that the current market had basically bottomed out and began to boldly enter the market. In addition, the original market resources were not much, so it was reasonable to stabilize and rebound. However, considering that the damage of SARS epidemic to downstream industries might deepen, they were still cautious in operation. In addition, the rebound in the outer disc and styrene monomer prices also attracted the attention of traders. It is expected that the future price of ABS is expected to remain stable

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