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East China plastic raw material market low consolidation

affected by the lower quotation of some intermediate Petrochemical basic raw materials and the SARS epidemic, the raw material prices in the East China plastic spot market continued to show a low consolidation trend this week, and the transaction was relatively flat

soft rubber: due to the production reduction of some production enterprises in the early stage, the spot market of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is stable and rising at present. The delivery price of general-purpose powder Shanghai chlor alkali WS is 6100 yuan (including tax ton price, the same below). The delivery price of Jining, Shandong Province is 6000 yuan. The transaction prices of tk800 in Japan, 6701 in India and LG LS100 in South Korea are between yuan

high pressure polyethylene (LDPE): film grade Jinshan n220/the quotation of q281, Daqing 18D, Qilu tn26 and Qatar 0274 should be adjusted, and the national standard for raw and auxiliary materials and additives should be revised between Yuan and Yuan to make the management mode of raw and auxiliary materials and additives clearer. The mainstream price of LLDPE 7042 made in China, 149m/3224 in South Korea, 218w in Saudi Arabia and 1002 in Singapore remained between yuan. Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) wire drawing grade domestic 5000S, injection molding grade 5070 (Panjin), 6070 (Dushanzi), 2908 (Fushun), 2200j (Daqing), and the quotation is between yuan. The transaction price of film grade Korea F600 (oilization) and hollow grade 0400 (LG) is between yuan

polypropylene (PP): at present, the transaction price of homopolymer drawing materials Yanshan 2401, Panjin and Yangzi F401, T30S (Jinshan, Dalian, Zhongyuan, Fujian, Daqing) is yuan. The quotation of domestic j340 (Yangzi, Panjin), k7726 and k8303 (Yanshan) of copolymer grade injection plastic is 6600 yuan and 7400 yuan. The market price of imported materials South Korea j340 (Xiaoxing) and M1600 (Hyundai) remains between yuan

hard glue: although affected by the recent slowdown in actual transactions, the current quotation of ordinary ABS seems to have little change. Jihua 0215a, Daqing 750A, Panjin 510, Changzhou ac810, Zhenjiang D180, Ningbo 121h offer between yuan. Today, the market prices of Taiwan Qimei 757, Zhenjiang Qimei 757K and South Korea Jinhu 750 are 10150 yuan, 9200 yuan and 9150 yuan

polystyrene (PS): general purpose (GPPS) chevron 3100, Daqing 200D, Zhanjiang 535, Yanshan 666d, Yangba 158k, Shantou sg23, Panjin 525, Zhenjiang Pg3 show a yield of 3 to attract investors, and the spot transaction price is in yuan. The quotation of high impact resistance (HIPS) Shantou sg65, Panjin 825, Zhenjiang ph88h and Quanzhou sh-65q is yuan

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