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Guangzhou plastic raw material market quotation

the situation of supply exceeding demand has not fundamentally changed. The market sales of many varieties are weak, while the prices are hovering at a low level. This week, there has been no big fluctuation that makes its axis in a straight line as far as possible

low density polyethylene (LDPE): after entering the latter ten days, the development momentum of China's engineering plastics industry is rapid, and the market situation in Guangzhou is still in a weak and unknown state, and the price is weak. Although the shutdown and overhaul of Beiyan Petrochemical has strained the supply atmosphere to a certain extent, it is only a short period of tension. By this week, this tension has been significantly weakened. The market quotation of Beiyan goods this week is generally more than 8300 yuan/ton, but there is no deal in fact, because users can't accept it and no new goods have actually arrived

while Beiyan's price is high and there is no deal, the product quotations of other petrochemical enterprises are relatively low. The market quotations of Shanghai Jinshan products are basically about 7400 yuan/ton, while the quotations of local Maoming Petrochemical products are about 7300 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction prices are even lower

the relevant industry generally reflects that the main problem at present is not the price, but the lack of effective market demand. Although the regular peak demand season is getting closer and closer, the trading atmosphere of low-density polyethylene in the market is far from improving. Unlike in previous years, there is no significant increase in user purchases, which is still 10 tons and 8 tons, which may restrict the arrival of the peak market demand season

however, some new developments in the international market recently deserve the attention of businesses. The main reason is that the quotation of polyethylene tends to rise, which is due to the increasingly tight supply of polyethylene. This wave of market changes is expected to soon affect the Chinese market, and of course, the market in Guangdong cannot be left out. Therefore, the changes in the market situation in September will become a major guide for the last few quotations of this year

high density polyethylene (HDPE): the rising trend of the last two weeks did not continue this week. On the contrary, the price fell slightly, with a decline of about 100 yuan. Among them, the transaction price of domestic 5000S is basically about 7400 yuan/ton, while the price of imported products is slightly lower, which is yuan/ton

the market of high-density polyethylene starts and ends slightly, which echoes the market of low-density polyethylene, which has been expected by the relevant industry, because it is impossible for the market of high-density polyethylene to continue to rise independently. However, judging from the recent series of ups and downs (ups and downs) of the polyethylene market, it does show a certain upward need. At present, the biggest resistance lies in the lack of effective market demand, which depends on the improvement of the production of downstream products industry. The author believes that the market will still fluctuate in a narrow range after entering September

polypropylene (PP): the market demand is weak and the price is low. The actual transaction price of wire drawing materials in Guangzhou market has fallen to about 5900 yuan/ton, and even some businesses have reported that the transaction price of slightly larger hands has fallen below 5800 yuan/ton. It shows that polypropylene has shown obvious lack of stamina after the failure of earlier impact

the relevant industry pointed out that at present, the domestic polypropylene inventory is very large, coupled with the weak market demand, so polypropylene cannot have a positive market trend like polyethylene. When the author visited Shunde plastic market, many dealers reported that polypropylene sales have become increasingly difficult recently, and the market price has been reduced slightly, making business more and more difficult. If you are careless, a small price difference may turn into a loss

polyvinyl chloride (PVC): Recently, it has been in frequent ups and downs, unable to have a stable market. 1 basket of leading technology aims at the huge business opportunities in the medical field, but after entering this week, the fluctuation range has been significantly narrowed. The price in Guangzhou market is generally between Yuan/ton, while the price of imported products is between yuan/ton

earlier, PVC resin has come out of a very obvious market line of rising and falling. Therefore, although there has been a new rebound in the market recently, the strength is not enough, and the insiders are skeptical. There are many people who wait and see, but few people who boldly enter the market, so the market transaction is relatively cold. This may also be the main reason for the rise and fall of the price of PVC resin and the small change in the range

in fact, another important reason for the weak start of PVC resin market is that it is expected that PVC is often affected by experimental temperature, humidity, impact speed, sample geometry and stress mode) there will be more new imported goods, which will put great pressure on the market. Because from the analysis of early orders, more sources of goods will arrive in the middle and late August, and the cost of new sources of goods is not high, so it is temporarily unable to support the market. According to the current Russian official quotation of US dollars/ton, it is estimated that the new round of price in Guangzhou market will still be maintained at about 5000 yuan/ton (the price of domestic materials is slightly higher)

abs resin: This is the weakest among many plastic varieties. There was a little active atmosphere in the market last week, and some insiders estimated that the ABS price would start. However, after entering this week, the situation has not changed any. (1) the activity of market transactions has not increased further, the attitude of end users to enter the market is still "buy as much as you use", and there are not many forms of advanced consumption or mass purchase; (2) The market price is low. The price of imported 757 continues to be about 9000 yuan/ton, while the price of domestic materials such as 750 and 301 is only about yuan/ton

at present, the quotation in the international market is still low. Since the price rose slightly last week, there is no sign of recovery this week. If the international market does not rebound, the Guangzhou market will not rebound

in addition, at present, the production of downstream household appliance enterprises in Guangdong is still very sluggish, and many enterprises are in a state of low start-up rate. Some enterprises start and stop, stop and start, and production is very abnormal. Although this is related to the news that China will join the WTO before the end of the year, it also shows that ABS is not confident enough

polystyrene (PS): after the slight rise in the price last week, the quotation in Guangzhou this week also increased further, but in fact, users could not accept it. Most transactions were reached at the price level of the previous week. The price of general-purpose materials of Guangzhou Petrochemical is about 6000 yuan/ton, but the sales price of marine products in Shantou is higher, and the supply of goods is relatively tight

although the polystyrene market has shown a positive trend in the past two weeks, one thing to pay special attention to is that the rebound in the market trading atmosphere is entirely due to the "hype" of dealers, not the increase in end-user purchases. Therefore, in a sense, this is mostly "false", and the future market may not rise further as we wish

looking forward to the future, the industry concerned is worried that with the end of the maintenance period of petrochemical enterprises, there will be no tension in the supply of polypropylene, especially if the polypropylene market can not recover during the current maintenance period of Beiyan petrochemical, then the recovery of polypropylene market may be more slim after September and October

the dealers interviewed by the author generally have no confidence in the future market, especially that the market situation will not improve in September

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