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What is the printing quality of inkjet printing

there are many entry-level inkjet printing products in the market, which are famous for their low printing cost. The information consumers get before buying is often not comprehensive enough: they do not know the specific print quality of these products. And consumption. If these industries do not undergo transformation and upgrading, they still have a doubt: is it a cheap printer, and the printing quality will become worse? At the HP World Conference, Thom brown, a print ink expert from HP, made on-site comparison with HP's super saving and continuous supply ink warehouse products. How to save ink mode

many users have a habit of using the ink saving mode of the printer to print. Because it saves more consumables. The printer consumables standard test is based on a series of standards formulated by the international organization for standardization. The ink coverage is 5% to calculate the printable pages of consumables. However, the fact is that the new standard can not be issued in time objectively. Sometimes our printed content coverage is more than 5%, so our ink cartridges usually print a little less than the nominal print capacity

the ink saving and saving mode is based on the principle that the text and image printed in the normal mode will be filled with ink dots, but not in the ink saving mode. Therefore, in the ink saving mode, the printer ejects less ink, and the print quality will suffer a little loss. But the question is: how much is the loss, and does it affect normal reading

at the HP World Conference, Thom brown, an HP ink expert from sachara, who is replacing metal and thermosetting materials with nylon, demonstrated the different print quality of HP's super saving products and continuous supply ink bin products in the saving mode. We can see that the printing quality and color of HP super saving are still very bright, while the continuous supply ink warehouse products have serious color deviation, which should be related to the printer's Inkjet algorithm. In other words, HP's super saving is based on not affecting the normal reading when driving the development, while the continuous ink supply bin is purely to reduce the ink jet volume, without considering the user's reading experience

can the printed product withstand the test

most of the time, the documents we print out need to be kept for a long time, which may be several years or longer. But can these printed documents really last so long? Thom Brown put HP's super saving and even documents for printing in the ink bin into the water

here we can see that after being put into the water, although the paper of the super economical document is wet, the printed content of the document is very firm without any change. However, the products in the continuous supply ink bin appear to be scattered

what is the reason for this phenomenon? The black ink used by HP super saving is pigment ink. The pigment ink is characterized by its fear of water. Therefore, the comparison in the figure shows that the black part of super saving printing is very firm, while the continuous supply ink warehouse uses black dye ink, which is very harmful to the printing of documents to be preserved for a long time, especially in many regions, Due to the natural climate, the document is prone to moisture

this seems to be an old question: is pigment ink better or dye ink better? In document printing that requires print quality and durability, it is obviously better to use pigment ink. Pigment inks are not afraid of water and moisture, and have high water resistance. Secondly, the polymer chemical stability of pigment inks is very good, which can last for decades, which is unmatched by dye inks

of course, technically speaking, HP printers, including super economy, print documents in the standard mode and have the highest document printing quality among all inkjet printers, which is HP's unique advantage. What are the advantages? It is HP's PCL printing language. It uses the common printing language algorithm of laser printer for inkjet printer, and can also obtain the clear and sharp document printing quality as laser printer. This unit has the function of automatic zeroing, which is HP's advantage

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