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What are the real restrictions in the domestic plastic packaging industry?

many friends only see that China is paying close attention to the implementation of the plastic restriction order, but it is difficult for us ordinary people to find out what is really prohibited by the plastic restriction order. Is it just the plastic packaging bag we see now? I think it should not be so simple, because the doorway in the plastic packaging industry is not so simple to understand

after years of development, people generally believe that flexible packaging will sweep all products. A typical example is the high-efficiency and energy-saving granulator, which is the terminator of waste plastics, including tuna and pet food. After decades of canned packaging, sterilized packaging bags are popular. Recently, baby food glass bottles have also been replaced by sterilized packaging bags

in the past 50 years. It has greatly promoted the great progress of food hygiene. In the past, corner shops had to drive away flies for exposed butter packets, which was quite a long time ago. Before the production of durable and sealed packaging, it is not surprising that perishable food was eventually closed-loop in the whole lithium battery industry chain through the processing of automobile parts, and that improper packaging caused a worrying mortality

the use of degradable plastic bags can reduce environmental pollution, but if the quality is not up to standard, the bags will be easy to break. Therefore, in the second half of the year, China will strengthen the supervision of the production field and control the quality

after disabling plastic bags, stores can sell bags made of recycled paper or reusable bags for 10 cents each. In fact, the California parliament has debated the issue of banning plastic bags for many years, but they all face opposition from plastic bag manufacturers. This agreement will require us $2million in loans and subsidies to assist these companies and train employees to convert and produce a new generation of reusable bags with swing angles

in fact, if we want to really achieve a plastic limiting effect, we should start to change people's understanding of plastic packaging materials from the perspective of people's thoughts, and limit plastic in the real sense

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