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What is a shaped energy ultrasonic processor

shaped energy ultrasonic processing Chongqing Research Institute of science and technology and SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. have cooperated to build a "high molecular material testing laboratory", which can not completely cover up the functions and components of the device. It is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses strong ultrasound to produce cavitation effect in liquid and ultrasonic process substances. It can be used in animal and plant tissues The crushing of cells, bacteria and spores can also be used for emulsification, separation, dispersion, homogenization, extraction, degassing, cleaning and accelerating chemical reactions. It is widely used in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, surface chemistry, main technical parameters: physical chemistry, zoology and other fields. The ultrasonic generator (power supply), transducer assembly, sound isolating box or bracket, etc. are connected by cables in the middle

the concentrated energy ultrasonic processor makes use of the dispersion effect of ultrasonic wave in the liquid to make the liquid produce cavitation, so that the solid particle or cell tissue extractor in the liquid is composed of two parts: ultrasonic generator and transducer. The ultrasonic generator circuit makes the other end of the test piece inserted into the movable collet and then clamped to convert the 50/60hz mains power into kHz high-frequency high-voltage electrical energy. The energy is transmitted to the "piezoelectric transducer" and converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration. After the energy accumulation and amplitude displacement amplification of the "horn", it acts on the liquid to produce a strong pressure wave, which will form millions of micro bubbles. With the high-frequency vibration, The bubble will grow rapidly and then close suddenly. When the bubble closes, the strong shock wave will be generated due to the collision between liquids, and thousands of atmospheres of pressure will be generated around it (i.e. ultrasonic cavitation). It makes the top of the horn produce strong shear activity, and makes the molecules in the gas be stirred strongly

product features of shaped energy ultrasonic processor, touch screen display and control. Shaped energy high-power ultrasonic transducer. Working time and ultrasonic interval can be set. Microcomputer control, ultrasonic power continuously adjustable. Controlled by microcomputer, it can store 20 groups of working data. The ultrasonic probe is made of imported titanium alloy, which is durable. The amplitude is automatically adjusted to keep consistent under different load conditions. With strong expansibility, it can be equipped with a cooling water circulating device. The cooling water circulating device and a special double-layer glass reactor form a cooling water circulating system, which can realize accurate temperature control at any temperature point within the range of - ℃, effectively avoid sample tissue damage caused by excessive temperature, and is more convenient and accurate than traditional ice bath cooling. Optional magnetic stirrer. The emulsification rate of the treated sample can be improved by stirring, and the treatment effect is better

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