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What is the performance of digital inkjet printing in the European folding box Market

release date: Source: global printing and packaging industry

in Europe, the number of corrugated packaging digital printing production lines sounds small, but each of these devices can achieve mass production. Therefore, corrugated is the packaging field with the fastest growth of printing area. With more and more corrugated box shipments, there is also enough growth potential

most folding box printers agree that: 2. Accuracy grade of packaging: grade 0.5 is very important. This has greatly slowed down the use of digital printing. Although brands are increasingly pursuing shorter production time, timely production and faster design changes, many packaging boxes need to use large-size packaging paper, and larger packaging can more effectively nest smaller packaging color boxes

over the years, some printing press brands such as igens, nExpress and indigo have been used. However, due to their small size, only niche markets can be used. All this was not changed until HP pushed PolyOne to complete a total of four acquisitions of indigo 30000 for folding color boxes. Although the product is very good, it has limited impact on the mainstream folding box printing. There are some B2 inkjet solutions in the market, such as Konica Minolta KM-1 and Komori is-29. Both of them are more targeted at commercial purposes, but they can also print Folding color boxes. However, so far, there is no pure color box printing user in Europe. Fujifilm has the printed version of the folding color box of jetpress. This rule and the replacement rule 1 apply together. However, P4P in Belgium and Ebro color in Germany are rarely used in the production of folding color boxes

the new B1 inkjet printer is the most promising attempt in the field of digital folding box printing. At present, two suppliers provide products: Landa and Heidelberg, and Komori will deliver them later in 2020

landa S10 has been developed for folding color boxes, and a number of equipment have been on the customer's site and started to produce products. At present, it is known that the S10 of Edelmann in Germany and another printing machine of Schelling in Switzerland. Landa expects that more S10 folding box digital printers will be installed in 2020, and K1 has been clearly installed not long ago

Heidelberg also has some installations on primefire 106, at least three in Germany and one in Rondo, Switzerland. According to Heidelberg, although primefire 106 is fully available, the company also pointed out that the speed of connecting the material testing machine with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation through the 1-series transmission head structure is slower than expected, so it withdrew from the market

finally, we should mention the large format printing machine, which occasionally enters the printing of folding color boxes. But given the speed, these are more likely to be used for proofing, test runs, or orders for very, very short versions

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