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What did XCMG crane win the "China Patent Award" three times

why did XCMG crane win the "China Patent Award" three times

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recently, the results of the selection of China Patent Award, the highest honor in the field of national intellectual property rights, were released, and the patent of XCMG crane crane crane and its automatic lifting load control system successfully won the China Patent Award. XCMG heavy also won the 14th China patent award after the combined self disassembling counterweight device and the third time since the six axle truck chassis crane and its steering control system and method won the 17th China Patent Award

XCMG won the China Patent Award

it is reported that the patented technology of crane and its lifting load automatic control system is one of the core technologies developed for large tonnage and super large tonnage all terrain cranes, and pioneers the working principle of "working condition sensing - pressure memory - automatic control". During the lifting process, the control system collects the pressure in real time to build a parameter library. Through the self-developed algorithm, the data is calculated and filtered in the calculated space, which is converted to the safety control pressure in the current state, and a memory pressure is formed when the action stops. During the secondary lifting, the memory pressure is compared with the current lifting pressure. If it tilts to the right, the included angle between the vertical line of the toothed bar and the push rod increases. When the memory pressure is reached, the lifting action is executed to avoid the secondary lifting and sliding. After the lifting, the control system will automatically reset the memory pressure and prepare for the lifting operation again

in addition, the pressure at the falling side is detected in real time by the pressure sensor. When the pressure at the falling side of the motor approaches the preset pressure, the winch speed is reduced and the motor oil replenishment is increased; When the pressure at the falling side of the motor reaches the preset pressure, the braking device shall be closed immediately to avoid winch stall. During the lifting and lowering operation, the system independently controls the pump and motor displacement, winch braking device, oil makeup circuit, etc., so as to realize the safe and accurate operation of the hoisting system

It is understood that the China patent award is a government department award jointly carried out by the Property Office of the national intellectual steel structure industry chain (Yuanda Kejian, Huansheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Anyang Dazheng steel structure company) and the world intellectual property organization to reward patented inventions and creations. It aims to deeply implement the intellectual property strategy and innovation driven development strategy, promote the use of intellectual property, and accelerate economic transformation and upgrading. The award selection not only emphasizes the patent technology level and innovation height of the project, as well as the promotion and driving effect on the industrial technological progress, but also pays attention to its application in the process of market transformation, which has a significant impact on the comprehensive benefits of domestic innovation achievements, especially patent achievements

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