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What posture should Philips/OSRAM/ge lighting take to meet the future

Abstract: since March, Philips Lighting has received a lot of news, which is likely to dominate the screen. In addition, OSRAM and Ge are among the lighting giants. Let's take a look at what the lighting giants have done this year

Philips Lighting recently announced that it will introduce its intelligent Internet road lighting system Philips citytouch flex into China, and hold a professional channel 2017 spring new product launch in Chengdu lighting application center. In fact, since March, the news of Philips Lighting has been very dense, and it has the potential to dominate the screen. In addition, OSRAM and Ge are among the lighting giants. Let's take a look at what the lighting giants have done this year

two directions of Philips Lighting

Hong Anli, CEO of Philips Lighting, once said that led energy saving and intelligent interconnection, allowing light to transmit information, are the two directions of Philips Lighting in 2017. From the many actions of Philips Lighting, the pursuit of high-quality lighting, intelligent interconnection, people-oriented, design aesthetics, systems and services are the key words of its recent actions

in terms of intelligent interconnection, Philips Lighting has always been active in introducing new products, including new interact wireless intelligent interconnection lighting system and wireless remote control switch for the global office lighting system market. It also carried out various cooperation. This year, Philips Lighting signed a memorandum of understanding with China Mobile Research Institute to jointly explore the cellular IOT standard for intelligent Internet lighting

with the construction of smart cities and the development of urbanization in China, the demand for intelligent road lighting management increases. Philips Lighting has been actively promoting its citytouch omni-directional street lighting management system, and this time it is introducing the system into China. Wang Yun, President of Philips Lighting Greater China, once said that in the field of smart cities, Philips Lighting will accelerate the promotion and application of various lighting systems in the Chinese market, and will discuss different implementation modes with the government according to the different conditions and needs of different cities, so as to smoothly and effectively promote the implementation of smart city projects

we are optimistic about the prospect of the indoor positioning market, and Philips Lighting is actively laying out its positioning system. Relying on its LED indoor positioning system, it launched a shopping navigation application. Promote the cooperation between Philips Lighting and various enterprises in the field of indoor positioning, and explore the innovative application of Philips indoor positioning system to meet the needs of retail stores, shopping centers, offices and other formats. The first batch of enterprises to join the program include leaders in the field of information technology and system integration, such as SAP, Microsoft and Capgemini, as well as strategic enterprise technology consulting companies and market leaders in the field of handheld computers and electronic shelf labels, such as zebra technologies and SES imagotag, as well as location-based service software suppliers, such as favendo, adaptive, Vipera, nakko and mapiq, which make it difficult to identify compliance points, And partners who are very active in the robotics field, such as blue jay

in addition, system services have also become the focus of Philips Lighting, from selling products to selling systems and services. Following the establishment of the first LED system product service center in Zhongshan ancient town in 2016, Philips Lighting announced on April 14 that its LED system product service center was opened in Zou District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. On April 27, Philips Lighting announced that it would open a professional lighting customer experience center in East China electric appliance city in Suzhou and modern lamp city in Ningbo to provide comprehensive product display and sales services to the two major professional lighting markets in the Yangtze River Delta. Yang Rong, general manager of Philips Lighting China OEM channel, once said, "by setting up service centers in major LED industry bases, Philips Lighting OEM channel will more actively communicate with OEM original supporting partners to help them create more business opportunities."

in addition to the product service center, Philips Lighting recently launched the "Dandelion plan" aimed at expanding China's consumer lighting market to optimize the layout of consumption channels. The plan includes a wider and more powerful store promotion material launch, terminal promotion activities with different themes and product categories, as well as strengthening the training of product knowledge and sales skills. It aims to provide a series of market support for distributors and strengthen communication and cooperation in China's huge consumption channels

at the e-commerce level, on May 5, Philips Lighting announced that it would enter Alibaba (1688), a trading platform, to open an official flagship store of professional products, further improve its layout in China's e-commerce field, and give professional lighting customers a better service experience

it can be seen that led intelligent interconnection lighting is the main development direction of Philips Lighting. In the environment of increasingly mature smart home, Philips Lighting is trying to enhance its industry leadership in the era of IOT through product, system and service innovation

OSRAM continues to consolidate its position

OSRAM recently released its performance report for the second quarter of fiscal 2017. The report shows that OSRAM's growth rate increased significantly, and its comparable revenue increased by about 10% in the second quarter. The growth is mainly due to the rising demand of the optoelectronic semiconductor and automotive industries. Among them, the LED business performed strongly, and the year-on-year revenue continued to grow, with a comparable growth rate of 24%. The revenue growth of infrared products business is particularly strong. The special lighting division, including automotive lighting and professional and industrial lighting applications (PIA), benefited from the continued strong demand of the automotive industry, with a comparable revenue growth rate of more than 8%. In view of the bad impression caused by the business table in the first half of this fiscal year, which is mainly due to the problems in the promotion and recycling of some defects and the current market outlook, OSRAM decided to raise its business forecast for fiscal year 2017 as a whole

after stripping ledvance from general lighting business, OSRAM after restructuring has focused on the LED semiconductor business OSR am opto recently. In special lighting, automotive lighting and other fields, innovative lighting technology, smart lighting, automotive LED, IR LED and other high margin fields have become the focus of its investment. Since this year, there have been many actions

this year, for example, OSRAM launched vistosa track spotlight, LED light glasses, and released a series of commercial photo cob products. OSRAM extends the invisible light optoelectronic product portfolio to the UV-C wavelength range. In February, OSRAM signed two strategic agreements with hexatech, an AlN single crystal substrate supplier, including a long-term supply agreement and several intellectual property (IP) licenses of hexatech, which are conducive to accelerating the development of UV-C LED devices based on hexatech materials. The relevant person in charge of OSRAM has also said that the establishment of a long-term strategic relationship with hexatech will enable OSRAM to develop efficient and reliable deep UV equipment, make OSRAM a major high-performance optoelectronic technology provider, and provide various products from deep UV wavelength to infrared wavelength

OSRAM also began to actively expand its scale in response to the enhancement of industrial convergence and industrial scale. In April, the signing ceremony of OSRAM Wuxi plant phase II project was held. This expansion aims to expand the production capacity of the existing Wuxi led plant in the later stage. The capital increase and production expansion project plans to introduce new highly automated production lines and invest 195million euros in new packaging and testing equipment. Its Gulin chip plant in Malaysia is expected to be put into operation in December this year. In addition, OSRAM also acquired maneri agraz, a lighting service provider, which mainly provides energy-saving lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. Some analysts believe that this transaction will help expand the influence of OSRAM's service business in the industrial/commercial fields in the southern and southwestern regions of the United States

in the field of intelligent lighting, which enterprises have laid out in succession, OSRAM launched intelligent lighting solutions this year and actively applied its intelligent lighting products and solutions in some projects. In the face of the changes in the LED industry pattern, OSRAM is consolidating its position as a giant through a series of actions, whether it is the launch of new products, expansion, M & A and resource integration

ge consumer lighting business to sell

recently, it is reported that GE is considering selling consumer lighting business and has hired investment banks to assist it in assessing the possibility of selling consumer lighting business, but it is still unable to ensure that a transaction can be concluded. The sale includes North American residential LED lighting and homelink technology, but will retain the commercial LED lighting business current

ge has made substantial adjustments in the past two years, re focusing on industry, divested its financial business, established a new company current that combines GE's LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses with its predix platform, and actively entered the industrial interconnection industry. Last year, it sold the home appliance industry to Haier group at a price of US $5.4 billion. It has established a new company, current, which combines GE's LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses with its predix platform. At the same time, it has actively entered the industrial interconnection industry

however, last year, Ge lighting announced that it would terminate its business activities in Asia based on business considerations. At that time, some analysts pointed out that in the era of LED lighting, GE's advantages were constantly replaced. In recent years, its performance in China's lighting market was relatively slow and conservative, and its competitiveness was not prominent. It was not surprising that GE adjusted its lighting business. More insiders predict that GE lighting may divest its business assets in the next step and look for a successor in Asia, especially China. Now it seems that the prediction at that time will come true

as one of the lighting giants, Ge withdrew from the Asian market, leaving a huge market space. Its original business space has become the target of many enterprises at home and abroad, and it has improved its share and influence in this market space through different ways

since last year, the action of lighting giants has been very intensive. The times are changing, products are changing, and trends are changing. There is no precedent to follow. Both giants and small enterprises are constantly adjusting to explore the right development posture for themselves. The development pattern of semiconductor lighting industry is formed and changing in every move of enterprises

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