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2020 achieve a 25% growth! What is the strength of the morning light

2020 to achieve 25% growth! What is the strength of the morning light

May 8, 2020

chairman Miao Guoyuan

"in 2020, our goal is to achieve an annual growth of more than 25%." Talking about the twists and turns of 2020, Chenguang coating experiment schedule can be determined according to needs. Chairman Miao Guoyuan spoke frankly about Chenguang's development goals

despite the impact of the epidemic environment, most enterprises were forced to stop production, the revenue declined in the first quarter, and under the special pressure of the domestic and foreign economic environment, Chenguang coatings' expectations for 2020 were not affected at all

however, compared with the growth data in recent years, Chenguang coating maintained an annual growth of about 7%. From 7% to 25% of the long-span target adjustment, what is the foundation of Chenguang coating

"4.0 intelligent project" landed

Chenguang started the first battle of rapid development

on February 24, 2020, Chenguang Group's "4.0 intelligent project" was fully launched in Changzhou Chenguang Industrial Park. The project is an important strategic layout of Chenguang Group. It is a comprehensive project integrating 4.0 intelligent automatic production line, R & D, exhibition center and office. The planned total construction area of the project is 25000 square meters, with a total investment of RMB 100million. After the completion of the project, Chenguang, through the 4.0 intelligent automatic production line, can produce products including antibacterial and bacteriostatic coatings, building exterior wall external insulation/coating energy-saving system, special ceramic water paint for rail transit, intelligent dimming glass, power electronics and other heat dissipation coatings, steel structure building thermal insulation coatings, with an annual total output of 200000 tons

from 2.0 automatic manufacturing stage to 3.0 information manufacturing stage. As one of the pioneers in the coating industry, Chenguang has broken through barriers and taken the lead in leaping to the 4.0 intelligent manufacturing stage. 4.0 is the automation and intelligence of the whole process, which will greatly reduce the allocation of manpower. The collection and utilization of color matching, materials, wastewater, including data verification and other intelligent operations are also a huge improvement on the basis of the original production and manufacturing

"this is a systematic project, such as talent training, platform construction, technology accumulation, financing, etc., which requires time and process. Chenguang has invested a lot in this project. It is also hoped that after the project is completed, the principle of this kind of experimental machine is to adopt the design concept of machine and electromechanical integration, which can contribute to the intelligent development of Chenguang and even the coating industry." Miao Guoyuan said

establish a product elimination mechanism

optimize the product structure

"after good products occupy a certain market share, we will carry out the last elimination system for the original products, eliminate our own products, and promote higher quality product categories to the market."

as Miao Guoyuan said, the establishment of product elimination mechanism is the unique feature of Chenguang's continuous "iteration" of its own products. Over the years, Chenguang has developed a series of differentiated products: thermal insulation coating, antibacterial coating, adhesive, ceramic coating, dimming glass... These products not only save Chenguang the right to speak in the blank market, but also make Chenguang's spirit of "making high-quality products" recognized by more and more people in the industry

"frankly speaking, I don't like to make the same products as others, so most of the products in Chenguang paint can be called to fill the gap in domestic and international technology. Although this is a unique road, it is also the vitality of Chenguang's continuous progress." Miao Guoyuan said

with the emergence of the epidemic, consumers' awareness of health and environmental protection products has been greatly improved, which has once again verified Chenguang's accurate touch on the market foresight. 4.0 the antibacterial coating products mainly produced by the intelligent chemical plant will not only inject vitality into the antibacterial coating product market, but also bring infinite possibilities for Chenguang's 2020 layout of the global market

join hands with high-quality products

coating enterprises + real estate enterprises

reach the terminal market

the honorary title of "outstanding cooperative unit in 2019" of Changbo holding group, the "outstanding cooperative partner in 2019" of home park, and the "top 100 real estate quality suppliers in China". In the real estate field where competition is intense, Chenguang has won the favor of many real estate enterprises. "Production-oriented enterprises all want to be the 'fragrant pastry' of downstream customers, and Chenguang is no exception." Miao Guoyuan said that, especially in the application field of real estate, which has more direct contact with consumers, once the selected products are recognized, they will provide a strong pillar for Chenguang to open up the terminal market

"what we can do together with real estate enterprises is to provide them with high-quality products, and the really good products should be environmentally friendly and healthy from the source." Miao Guoyuan said, "Chenguang coating has many series of products, all of which have antibacterial functions, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Taking Chenguang ceramic water paint as an example, it is a new inorganic compound and a non maturing ceramic water paint. After coating, it will release negative ions, effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and mold, and is environmentally friendly and healthy. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high wear resistance, good scratch resistance, anti-aging and so on. It is very suitable for indoor painting rings in the current epidemic situation Environment. "

Chenguang is also constantly looking for new breakthroughs in R & D to solve the technical blind spot of existing military and civilian coating products. It is precisely because of such innovative high-quality products and good brand reputation that Chenguang has won the favor of many real estate partners and created more possibilities for the expansion of the terminal market

reserve of technical talents

2020 with both opportunities and challenges

active sword

"although the start is not very optimistic, the market demand is here, and the industry will not stop, so the industry situation in the second half of the year is worth looking forward to." Miao Guoyuan said firmly

Chenguang is proud of its high-quality talent team building. From building a platform to "feed" high-tech talents in the early stage to now, college talents have taken the initiative to take research projects into Chenguang. Chenguang has been designed by combining the actual use status of domestic users. The results have proved its success in talent construction. With the idea of cultivating a talent team, Chenguang coating has developed at least innovative products every year. The technical accumulation and R & D achievements of Chenguang coating over the years have made it more and more powerful

in addition to the technical talent team, Chenguang is also constantly expanding its own channel market. "Good wine is afraid of deep alleys, and good products need to take the initiative to show their swords and accept the test of the market." According to Miao Guoyuan, at present, Chenguang has formed a strong team from a single agent to a marketing manager in each region of the country, and in the future, the team will be even stronger


"there are more opportunities than crises." Before the turnaround, Chenguang has obtained more demand orders by relying on its original channel resources. "Only by not disordering itself, can we more clearly identify the time when the turnaround is coming." Therefore, after the first quarter, Chenguang quickly adjusted its next steps, with a view to making full strategic deployment from talent construction, product research and development, and sales promotion. With the stability of the domestic epidemic situation and the emergence of favorable information, Chenguang is also helping to move towards a higher level of development

there will be times when the wind and waves break through. Can Chenguang paint achieve the growth target of 25% with the experience and concept of "attaching importance to science and technology, independent innovation, building a national brand, and taking the road of high-quality development differentiation"? Let's wait and see

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