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What is the purpose of the establishment of Jingtai innovation technology research institute

on February 19, 2019, SABIC PP 514m12 materials of Shenzhen Jingtai Co., Ltd. can be customized according to customers' personalized requirements or the needs of specific utilization occasions. The spring tea party was grandly held in Qianhai, Shenzhen. More than 200 Jingtai colleagues from Shenzhen Jingtai and Suzhou Jingtai gathered for spring tea to talk about a new chapter. During the spring tea party, the unveiling ceremony of "Research Institute of innovative technology deployed in accordance with the central economic work conference and the national industrial and information technology work conference" was held, announcing the formal establishment of Jingtai Innovation Technology Research Institute

led display has gradually entered a higher level of technology exploration stage, and technological innovation has become a powerful driving force for the development of led enterprises. Jingtai "Innovation Technology Research Institute" is a new type of research institution oriented to industrial research and scientific and technological innovation, and explores the innovation mechanism system of "scientific and technological innovation + industrial upgrading + technology platform" in combination with the company's strategy, the group's development objectives and industrial layout

in the future, the Innovation Technology Research Institute will be committed to building a new generation of LED display technology R & D platform, focusing on the packaging technology and making use of the core breakthrough and technical advantages of the crystal platform in the field of mini led, focusing on two aspects of research. On the one hand, the first mini LED product of crystal platform came out last year, marking a phased breakthrough in the field of mini led. The Institute will continue to deepen the deeper technological exploration in this field. On the other hand, thanks to the company's leading technology advantage in small spacing and the forward-looking technology reserve of new generation display, it will help prepare for the next step of micro led and future display innovation. The Institute will always maintain the vitality of scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, create a frontier for LED display technology research and development, overcome difficulties in innovative technology as soon as possible, and enhance industrial competitiveness

only 3 Limit protection: electronic limit Those who forget the original intention will advance, and only those who reform and innovate will be strong! 2019 is the opening year of the third five-year plan of Jingtai. The establishment of the Research Institute "Zimmermann" is a pioneering start of the company's innovation and transformation, marking that Jingtai shares has entered a new stage in technological innovation and scientific research. In the future, Jintai "Innovation Technology Research Institute" will stand on a new coordinate, rely on the strong development trend of the company, integrate the years of accumulation of technical resources in the field of LED packaging, and make great achievements. We will forge ahead towards the firm goal of "becoming the most competitive LED packaging enterprise in the world" and scale new heights

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