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How about the performance of micro whale K1C (Coral Red) red HD portable projector? Start with evaluation and evaluation

micro whale K1 red HD portable 1. Generally, the projector is only used for structural component experiments or simple material performance experiments. Home WiFi wireless home theater giant screen projector is used for one second. 4. Technical indicators: the auto focusing mobile theater has batteries. The following is a collection of evaluation from trial friends. For details, please introduce the configuration parameters after reaching the screw in depth. I hope it can help you select the micro whale K1 red HD portable projector for reference and comparison

I. how about the micro whale K1 red HD portable projector? Is it good to replace the sensor

trial model: Micro whale K1 red HD portable projector

reference quotation: ¥ 2199.00

trial experience for a week:

(1) the projector is great, and the definition is OK for me who has high requirements. The image with the curtain pulled at noon is very clear, but it is impossible to achieve the same definition as the TV, but the feeling of the cinema is great, so I can create a small cinema effect at home, Download a music cast screen to watch American dramas. It's great! I like it. Its appearance is also very high. Its red color is suffused with metallic texture. It's super high-grade. I'm going to make a screen and put an open-air movie in the yard ~

(2) the projection of the micro whale is the same as that of the TV. I'm not disappointed. It's small in shape and has a built-in battery. It can work independently. The image display effect is very good. The sound effect is good. I'm quite satisfied

(3) the appearance design is really beautiful! Metal frosted texture, especially handy when adjusting the volume! ( ̄  ̄) try it when you get it. The picture is presented at night. The color saturation is very high, and the automatic adjustment is also very accurate! It can be said to be the most valuable thing to buy this month

three week trial experience: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction

II. Configuration parameters of micro whale K1 red HD portable projector:

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