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How to avoid drug quality supervision in food packaging bags: identify the CQC logo

you should also identify the logo when purchasing food. The graphics of the CQC certification logo are the earth pattern and the three English letters of CQC. If the food bag has this certification mark, you can buy it with confidence

when buying food, many consumers will first look at the production date, shelf life, quality and safety QS mark of the food, while few will pay attention to whether there is a "CQC" mark on the food packaging bag. Yesterday, the Nanjing Quality Supervision Department reminded consumers that the food bags without the "CQC" mark were likely to contain drugs

in the interview, it was found that many consumers unilaterally believed that there was no problem if the food packaging looked clean, but did not ask whether the packaging materials would exude harmful substances. There are also some questions about whether the oil pump is the product number of the material testing machine and whether it is used correctly. Not only does it have interest related contact with the oil pump. The consumer thinks that even if there is a problem with the food packaging, there will be no major problem because of the short service time

however, the relevant person from Nanjing Quality Supervision Department said that many food packaging materials on the market are difficult to meet the national requirements for food safety, health and environmental protection. The main problems include excessive benzene, excessive bacteria and heavy metal residues. In the past, the Department has received a complaint from a food enterprise, which is reflected in the detection of its new potato chips before they are put on the market. It smells a strange smell. After searching in many ways, it was determined that these strange smells were caused by the serious excessive benzene content left in the packaging bag. After a detailed investigation, it was found that in order to quickly print the excessively thick ink on the plastic film, these enterprises producing unqualified products took the low-cost toluene as the main raw material for mixing the solvent, and did not take measures to control the residue, resulting in the benzene exceeding the standard

the quality supervision department said that in order to obtain CQC certification, food packaging enterprises must apply to the certification authority designated by the national certification and Accreditation Administration. The certification authority will carry out quality inspection on the raw materials, incoming goods and each process of the enterprise. At the same time, the certification authority will also carry out sampling inspection on the products based on the above suggestions on the application of the modified fatigue testing machine. As consumers, they should also recognize the logo when buying food. The graphics of CQC certification logo are the earth pattern and the three English letters of CQC. If the food bag has this certification mark, it indicates that the product has been the main component of the heavy-duty gas turbine mdash; The selected materials of the turbine disk have been tested by relevant laboratories and passed the test according to the national or industrial standards, so you can buy it with confidence

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