How to decorate the indoor floor

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Make the ceiling with a mirror

the mirror can visually expand the depth. If you use a mirror as the ceiling, you can feel that the floor height becomes higher. It is worth noting that the mirror has a reflective effect. In order to avoid too strong light reflection, it is best to use a tan mirror, which will be more elegant and transparent

high cabinet on the top of the sky

if the floor height is not high, when choosing cabinets, you can choose large cabinets with the same height as the top. In this way, the cabinet and the wall are integrated, and the whole space will be very clean and refreshing. It also has the effect of "increasing" the floor height, and also increases the storage space of the space

slender and narrow windows

similar to the cabinet on the top of the sky, slender and narrow windows can also visually give people the feeling that the floor is not low. This illusion of height will be more obvious when hanging curtains on the ceiling

wall line stretching

the beauty of western interior decoration lies in the ground and wall. The lines on the wall and roof are set off against each other and raised with each other. The slender lines on the wall, used in villas, are very elegant and concise decorations, which have a good stretching effect visually

in fact, no matter which method is adopted, because the floor height cannot be really increased, it is a visual illusion that the floor height is increased, so that people living inside will not have a sense of depression. Of course, there are other ways. If this is the case in your home, you can communicate with the designer to choose the appropriate decoration method

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