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The more the last moment comes, the more we must grit our teeth, be vigilant and work hard

2018 is coming to an end. Have all the wishes and plans at the beginning of the year been completed

many people complain to me that time passes too fast and there are still many things that have not been done. Maybe if I do that, the result will be better. In the middle of the year, I feel that there is a lot of time, tomorrow after tomorrow, and I don't take action. Now, I feel it's too late to regret and place my hope on next year

family members, without preparation for this year, what can we talk about next year? Harvest is not automatically found at a certain point in time, but through repeated hard work, in exchange for sweat and wisdom

there is only one month left in 2018. Time will not flow backwards, and all regrets and regrets will not help. Only action will bring a turnaround against the wind

2018, which is about to pass, is an unusual year, full of dangers, the industry reshuffle is intensifying, and the Matthew effect is becoming more and more obvious. Under such a situation, any luck, laziness, and opportunism may bring destruction. Crisis, crisis and danger will accompany opportunities, but opportunities are fleeting. If you don't try to seize them, only danger will come

in this year, we have gone through 11 months. No matter how hard and tired, we have reached the exit of dawn. "We only have the last pass in the long march of 25000 miles". The ancients said, "he who walks a hundred steps is half 90", which means that if you walk a hundred steps, you can only give up halfway

the more the last moment, the more we should grit our teeth, be vigilant and work hard

times make heroes. The more unfriendly the environment is, the more personal abilities can be highlighted. There are also many individuals and teams who have completed the annual performance in advance, as well as enterprises that have achieved overtaking in curves. We must see a fact clearly: at any time, the result is determined by your subjective initiative, not other factors

fully mobilize your subjective initiative. Once you implement a thing or a goal, you will be half successful. If you cooperate with industry experience, team methods and your own thinking, you will have good results. In this era, we should closely integrate people with platforms and teams, keep warm, study modestly, ask questions and summarize frequently, learn from each other, surpass each other, and achieve each other

family members, although 2018 is not much time, the final result is still not a foregone conclusion. If you want to change, you can change, if you want to surpass, you can surpass. You believe that you can do it. You are the "dark horse" from the dust

what kind of results should we face our parents, wives and children, and parents and villagers; What kind of answer sheet should we give to enterprises and teams; What starting point we should take to meet 2019 and beyond depends on you, your state at this moment and the changes you really make

I'm always with you, all my family members of edu Judi. I'm proud of your hard work and efforts. No matter what the previous achievements are, I hope that in the last month of 2018, we will unite and cooperate, do our best, don't give up, don't relax, don't leave regrets, and write a wonderful stroke in 2018

next year, the company will actively explore new business forms and performance growth points. I hope that more excellent individuals and teams will emerge in 2018. In 2019, standing at a higher starting point and position, we will work with the group to open up new territories and realize greater life values and dreams

December 1st, 2018

ZHONG Jucheng






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