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Coated glass is also called reflective glass. Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound films on the surface of glass to change the optical properties of glass and meet certain specific requirements

coated glass, also known as “ Sun proof energy-saving glass ”, It is a high-tech new product. The coating process can reflect most of the solar heat energy. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection revolution, bringing you a driving experience of warm winter and cool summer. Now let's learn about coated glass

characteristics of coated glass

1 Tempered glass: higher internal stress than ordinary glass and stronger compression resistance

2 Blue Star grey glass is a kind of color of float glass substrate, which pays more attention to the consideration of appearance and daylighting rate

3 The coating is divided into thermal reflection coating and low radiation coating. Coating on glass is selective transmission and reflection of the wave bands (ultraviolet, visible, far and near infrared) in the solar spectrum, so as to achieve the purpose of being able to interact with daylighting

advantages of glass coating

1 High temperature resistance. Glass coating can effectively reflect sunlight, effectively reflect external thermal radiation, and effectively reduce the temperature in the car

2. Scratch proof. Coating can better protect glass from sand and gravel

3. Easy to clean. The coating is not easy to adhere to dust and dirt. Only clean water can be used when cleaning, so that the glass can maintain high-definition cleanliness

4. Super water repellency. The instant rainwater falls on the glass, it shrinks into water droplets and slides down, effectively preventing the formation of scale

what is the difference between online coated glass and offline coated glass

I. online coating refers to that the coating process is carried out in the manufacturing process of float glass. For example, after online thermal spraying is the forming area of the float production line, at the beginning of the annealing kiln, the film is sprayed on the surface of the glass plate through the attached spray gun, and after the annealing kiln, the film is burned on the surface of the glass, so it is called online coating

advantages of online coated glass: it is durable and can be transported and operated like ordinary glass. It can be further processed after coating, and can be used for the installation of single glass

disadvantages: the optional thickness is limited, so it can only be coated on white glass, and the optional performance types are limited

second, off-line coating is carried out after the flat glass leaves the factory. Compared with online coating, the firmness of the film must be affected, so offline coating has " Freshness " There are certain requirements

advantages: it can be plated with any color, the color can be adjusted, and the performance index can be adjusted

disadvantages: special operation and packaging are required, and long-distance transportation is not allowed. The coating is easy to be damaged, so it cannot be tempered after coating. It cannot be used for the installation of single glass, and special cleaning process is required

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