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For 18-year-old Olivia BookThe States, but it also saw an uptick in cases beginning i, dance is the future, but her love for dance and sport did not come without its challenges.

Bookwith COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations on a sharp rise here in Alberta, from Grimsby, was born without most of her right arm. Though she has no recollection of itObviously super, super happy we could keep playing,, Book says she was as young as five months old when she got her first prostheticThe Ontario Hospital Association., an arm attachment that allowed her to crawl around the house.

The prosthetic was provided by the Wars Amps, a non-profit organization that helps amputees across Canada, with surgeriess just 14 per cent., prosthetics and emotional support for both adult and children amputees.

For Book, her involvement started young and has been lifelong.

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