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Users have doubts about applications capturing user address book information

at present, many social applications add capturing user relationships. When users need to seek social relationships, these applications will read the information in the user address book and automatically match. These include htcsense of manufacturer HTC, UC paradise in UCWEB, and recently popular KIK applications, such as kikmessanger, micchat, etc. Most users expressed doubts about this behavior of capturing the address book

applications capture address book information

at present, some views in the industry believe that the core of social applications lies in "user relations", while the social relations in user address books have great value, and have not been cracked and fractured by telecom operators and Internet giants for a long time, which is called stress corrosion cracking and effective use. It is reported that some instant messaging, social networking, contact backup and other applications are now involved in the relationship capture in the address book for users' precision extrusion technology to meet the needs of high-precision processing

it is found that when users use htcsense to add friends, the system will automatically search for the person who is using htcsense in the user's contacts, and users will directly add as friends without adding contact information alone. After that, users can view their friends' comments on different applications

in addition, htcsense can integrate multiple information of the same contact by automatically retrieving the user's Facebook, twitter, email address and other information. Users can complete the supplement and sorting of contact information without manual entry one by one

it is also understood that the domestic browser UCWEB has been bound with the UC park function, in which users can choose to find friends from the address book. During the trial, you can directly match four real name friends in your book, and you can add friends directly

users are generally suspicious

in view of the fact that the current application has begun to generally grasp 3. Fully automatic sample clamping to obtain user book information, it was found that most friends expressed concern about this when asking some users

"this is a matter of personal privacy. After all, your friend told you his number out of special attention and trust for your needs, so you have an obligation to protect this little privacy for your friend." A friend named kelxins replied. Other friends also said that although capturing the address book is not affected at present, they often feel unsafe. Others believe that it is necessary to divide the types of applications. For example, applications such as input method, which are convenient for typing, are acceptable

in October last year, UC paradise in UC browser was questioned by users and the media because of the problem of scanning users' address books. At that time, some users said that their privacy tips were not clear enough to understand their involved permissions before use. UC said that UC paradise is a large social platform based on real users, and it can also help users find friends nearby by reading their location

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