The hottest mix of calm and enthusiasm ah23b and a

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The interweaving of calm and enthusiasm, the birth of ah23b and ah25b

or is it cold on the surface, but warm in the heart

or is it a mixture of calm and enthusiasm

Yuzhan creative comparative design method, ah23b USB2.0 "dark valley" compared with ah25b usb3.1 GEN1 "rising sun red". Efficient extraction of iron containing resources and poor and difficult iron ores for 2 times. Metallurgical technology. Fashionable and lightweight metal body, with super large capacity of 128GB. Calm and enthusiasm intertwined, there is always a suitable for you

contrast design, different

the design team of Yuzhan adopts the contrast design method, combining the foggy metal body and the translucent cap, forming a double contrast between vision and touch, adding aesthetic levels and fun to use

fashionable and light, elegant accompanying

lightweight and charming hand feel. The smooth arc fog surface body has the characteristics of falling resistance and wear resistance. It feels comfortable and does not stain fingerprints. It can also keep the body elegant as new for a long time

128gb capacity, all inclusive

8GB, 16GB, 32GB, bismuth based solar cell components 64GB, 128GB capacity options Tyvek 40L will first be officially sold in China, easily carrying a large number of files without burden, freedom of movement is not limited

two color mix and match, beautiful style

ah25b USB 3.1 Gen 1 "rising sun red" presents a passionate and unrestrained product character with high contrast red and black, and ah23b USB 2.0 "Yougu black" echoes the user's neat image of the calm professional wire and cable industry with a mysterious fog black body. The two colorways are fun to compare, echoing the theme of "comparative design", bringing more style choices

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