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Brief introduction of interior atmosphere lamp technology

with the development of automotive electronic technology, automotive lighting, in addition to the initial functional lighting, pays more and more attention to comfort and personalized lighting, such as interior atmosphere lamp. Interior ambience lamp is a kind of lighting lamp that can play a decorative role. Its brightness and color can be changed according to the vehicle state, environment and personal preferences, which can improve the riding experience of the personnel in the vehicle and the recognition of the car brand. When driving at night, the interior atmosphere lamp can reduce visual fatigue, effectively reduce the failure rate, and improve the driving safety of drivers with the market price of graphene as high as 1million yuan/ton to a certain extent

working principle

the light source of interior atmosphere lamp is generally rgb-led light source. Based on the additive light mixing principle of red, green and blue primary colors, red light, green light and blue light are mixed to obtain different lighting colors and realize the change of light source color; Through the PWM of output waveform, that is, adjusting the duty cycle of LED conduction, different lighting brightness can be obtained, and the change of light source brightness can be realized, so the color and brightness required by users can be obtained

the structure of interior atmosphere lamp generally includes LED module, transformer and user interface. Through the touch key input signal of the user interface, MCU controls the LED through current PWM output to change the color and brightness of the light source

current situation

atmosphere lamps were first applied to advanced models. At present, domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers have begun to vigorously promote the use of interior atmosphere lamps on some models

interior atmosphere lamp has the following characteristics: 1 Thanks to the advantages of LED light source, the interior atmosphere lamp has low power consumption, long service life and fast response speed; 2. The fixture is a combination of these structures with uniform lighting and novel and beautiful appearance; 3. Various types and flexible installation. Interior atmosphere lights are generally installed in the ceiling, instruments, central control panel, foot pedal, door guard, door handle and other positions; 4. Through the adjustment of the dimming controller, the dimming, switching and rhythmic effects can be achieved


1 The combination of interior atmosphere lamp and interior trim

the combination of lighting and interior trim surface carries out parametric design. Lighting and interior trim complement each other, making the automotive interior more beautiful and personalized, and improving the driver's driving experience

2. Pay attention to the impact of interior atmosphere lights on people's psychology and physiology

it is no longer just the control of single parameters such as light color, brightness and uniformity, but also pay more attention to the interaction of lights, which has an impact on the driver's psychology and physiology, so that the driver can be in a comfortable and warm light environment, and improve the driver's driving safety to a certain extent

3. The interior atmosphere lamp is more intelligent

the light can be automatically adjusted according to the changes of external factors, for example: the light color and intensity can be automatically adjusted according to external factors such as ambient brightness and natural weather; With memory function, it can automatically adjust to the corresponding mode according to the changes of the driver or driving scene; Combined with video and audio, it is more rhythmic


with the continuous development of the automotive industry, people pay more and more attention to the driving experience in addition to the basic performance of vehicles. The interior atmosphere lamp has become the mainstream direction of design and development of various automotive manufacturers. The diversification of interior atmosphere lights can meet the requirements of different consumer groups and different environments, and further improve the spiritual enjoyment and driving safety of drivers




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