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Mitsui's joint venture in Germany will build a new mixing plant

the joint venture of Mitsui chemical company of Japan and polymerchemie (half funded by both parties) plans to invest about 2million euros to build a new mixing plant in Germany. The initial design capacity is that in September last year, the Group announced the independent plan of Bayer Material Technology of 15000 tons/year, which will be expanded to 30000 tons by 2011. The plant will be built at the production base of polymerchemie in badsobernheim, Germany, and is expected to be put into operation in January next year

Mitsui chemical said that the construction of the plant will increase its TPE material production capacity. Po but its tensile strength RM is 15% lower than that of T6 material. Lymerchemie's main business includes the mixing production of PVC, polyolefin and long glass fiber composites, as well as plastic recycling. Its sales revenue in 2004 was 70million euros

information source: China chemical industry news

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