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App can also detect anemia. Will traditional testing instruments be replaced

according to scientific news, a scientific team in the United States has developed an app that can be used for anemia detection. It is reported that the software can estimate blood protein level and detect anemia by taking photos of human nail beds. Not only that, the software is also expected to replace the existing laboratory testing instruments to diagnose anemia

anemia, as a blood disease, can realize the control of isokinetic experimental force, which can be divided into many types according to different clinical characteristics. For example, according to the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, it can be divided into four categories: mild, concentration, severe and extremely severe. According to the progress rate of anemia, it can be divided into acute and chronic anemia. Anaemia and the strengthening of economic and trade cooperation in relevant countries and regions, patients are more likely to suffer from diseases of the nervous system, respiratory and circulatory system, digestive system and urogenital endocrine system than ordinary people due to the decline of blood volume and blood oxygen carrying capacity. When people suffer from long-term anemia, they are more likely to suffer from anemic heart disease due to insufficient oxygen supply, causing arrhythmias, cardiac insufficiency and other problems

it is known that whether the human body is suffering from anemia can be detected by detecting the hemoglobin content in the blood routine. Hemoglobin is composed of globin, heme, etc. as a functional protein in red blood cells, it plays a role in transmitting oxygen in the human body. At present, the methods used for hemoglobin content detection mainly include colorimetry, specific gravity, hemoglobin meter photoelectric colorimetry, 721 spectrophotometry, current impedance method, colloidal gold hemolysis test strip, etc. Among them, the automatic blood cell analyzer uses the current impedance method to measure the content of hemoglobin in blood. Relevant literature shows that the current impedance method can not only complete the determination of blood cells such as platelets and leukocytes, but also its detection results are more accurate and reliable than other methods, and its limitations in use are also smaller. In addition, the examination of ferritin, transferrin and serum iron can help doctors further understand the elements lacking in the patient's body, and formulate an efficient and feasible treatment plan according to the examination results

it can be seen that the detection of anemia in clinic often depends on professional instruments and equipment. However, in some remote or resource poor areas where anemia is more common, people need to make a choice between infrastructure, cost and accuracy. This time, the algorithm developed by researchers at Emory University in the United States can quickly calculate the hemoglobin concentration in the blood by analyzing the color and Technical Metadata of the nail bed photos. This means that people only need a computer embedded with relevant algorithms to detect anemia diseases everywhere. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of diagnostic results, relevant R & D personnel need to further study and improve the app

in fact, for a long time, people have never stopped exploring the diagnostic methods of anemia. Through international cooperation, the school of pharmacy of Guangdong Medical University successfully developed new materials to help detect anemia in 2016. It is reported that when used as a fluorescent probe, this rare nano porous rare earth metal organic skeleton new material overcomes the problems of weak fluorescent signal, poor selectivity and low sensitivity of the traditional fluorescent probe, and can effectively detect the concentration of metal ions such as iron ions


as mentioned above, anemia has become a common disease in poor and remote areas due to the lack of financial resources. During this period, the high price and use cost of reliable instruments and equipment make it more difficult to ensure that patients with current syndrome can receive treatment in time, which will cause a serious vicious circle in the long run. If the app developed in the United States is successfully launched and popularized, I believe it will be more beneficial to improve this situation

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