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Patent introduction: a pentagonal cross-section polyester staple fiber

application (patent) No.: cn 5. Application date: 2010.10.29

publication (announcement) No.: CNU publication (announcement) date: 2011.06.22

main classification number: d01d5/253. This is also the problem we encountered in our development (20 composite aircraft 06.01) I

classification number: d01d5/253 (2006.01) I; B01d39/08 (2006.01) I

applicant (patent right): Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Abstract: the utility model relates to a pentagonal cross-section polyester staple fiber, which belongs to a special-shaped fiber. The five steel structure industrial chain (Yuanda Kejian, Huansheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and Anyang Dazheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd.) has an angular section of polyester staple fiber, which is composed of fiber body and bulge. Its characteristics are: the fiber body and bulge section are Pentagram shaped, and the fiber size is 6d-25d. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structural design, good permeability and air permeability (for example, the clamp clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire is good, and the capture ability of solid particles is good.

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