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China Mobile accelerates the transformation of WLAN non perceptual authentication in the second half of the year or promotes

under the trend of maintaining a compound annual growth rate of software and hardware of nearly 150% in data service traffic, China Mobile (Weibo) strengthened the four collaborative operation strategy in 2012, and strengthened the integration of gsm/td-scdma/td-lte/wlan from multiple perspectives such as network and terminal. Among them, gsm/td-scdma/td-lte, as a cellular network architecture, follows the development and evolution idea of 3GPP, and resource collaboration is relatively easy to achieve. The real difficulty of the four synergies is the integration and coordination between WLAN and cellular, which has prompted China Mobile and the industrial chain to invest more energy

authentication fusion is the key link. On May 9, ZTE (Weibo) took the lead in completing the software patch upgrade of China Mobile WLAN, which now has its own ac/ap device to support the non perception authentication function. As the WLAN equipment provider with the largest market share in China's mobile market, the smooth upgrading of ZTE's existing equipment undoubtedly marks that China Mobile has made substantial progress in the transformation of WLAN non perceptual authentication

this means that people can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console. Previously, the problems of "poor user experience, repeated input of user name and password" in the WLAN portal authentication method of China Mobile will be greatly improved

completely change the WLAN experience

for WLAN network, Li Yue, President of China Mobile, has repeatedly stressed its importance to the development of China mobile data business in public, and said at the 2012 China mobile work conference that it will incorporate WLAN construction, maintenance, operation and business development into the daily work system

while the number of WLAN network hotspots has expanded rapidly, it has been favored by automotive enterprises. In order to change the previous problems such as low WLAN network utilization, cumbersome authentication, poor business experience and so on, China Mobile planning department, Research Institute and Design Institute jointly conducted repeated technical research and communication with WLAN equipment manufacturers in the second half of 2011, Focus on analyzing and studying the problems existing in the existing user authentication methods of WLAN and the feasibility of EAP recognizing that this is a cost saving certificate method. In October 2011, EAP finally decided to carry out the non perceptual authentication transformation of WLAN equipment in the whole country, and required all current manufacturers to develop software versions or patches that support the above two authentication methods

wlan device imperceptible authentication transformation refers to that WLAN ac/ap devices support eap-sim/aka and PEAP authentication methods on the basis of existing web+portal authentication. The main contents include mixed access authentication, idle offline, wpa/wpa2, inter AP switching, accurate billing, mandatory portal, etc. After the transformation, the vast majority of intelligent terminals and laptops can be authenticated through eap-sim/aka or PEAP. After the first authentication, users can automatically access the WLAN network coverage area, avoiding the cumbersome operations brought by the traditional web+portal authentication method, greatly improving the user's business experience. At the same time, the problem that some terminals cannot use WLAN business because they do not support web+portal authentication is also solved

according to shenchanghu, market director of ZTE WLAN products, according to the software version/patch entry process of China Mobile, its non perception certification transformation work is divided into three stages: laboratory test, current business verification and current function upgrade. Among them, ZTE has taken three lead: it passed the laboratory test in the Mobile Research Institute on January 5, 2012; The rate passed the current business verification in Shenyang Mobile on April 5, 2012; Lead to complete the full function upgrade of China Mobile WLAN on May 9, 2012

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