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Mitsui will build the world's largest bio resin factory on July 20, Mitsui announced that it would invest about 16billion days in a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company of the United States to produce biochemical products from sugarcane in Brazil as indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiments, teaching seminars, quality control, etc. to see whether the workmanship of the torque tester is a solid internal accessory of the torque tester. We can't check it

as a high-molecular new material, Mitsui compound polyurethane adhesive in the joint venture will account for 50% of the shares. It will carry out a one-stop business from sugarcane farms to biochemical products, and build the world's largest bio resin factory. The plant is planned to be put into operation in 20151, with an initial annual capacity of 350000 tons

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