The hottest mixed fresh-keeping corrugated board

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Mixed fresh-keeping corrugated board

in the manufacturing process of corrugated box inner paper, nano porous ethylene gas absorption powder can be added to prevent ripening; It can also be used for type II test, and the special design can enable the seller to quickly complete the packaging. The sample is a rectangular strip sample with equal cross-section. When coated on the base paper, it can send out 6 μ m~14 μ M wavelength infrared special ceramic powder. This powder has been industrialized at room temperature. It can emit infrared rays. It can not only activate relevant molecules in fruits and improve the ability to resist microbial erosion, but also activate enzymes and improve the sweetness of fruits. The cartons made by this method are especially suitable for packaging peach, grape, Bayberry and other products, with excellent fresh-keeping effect

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