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Serious infringement and piracy in app store apple ignores domestic copyright

Baidu's infringement and piracy event seems to have come to an end. Under the overwhelming criticism of musicians and writers, Baidu "bent down". Now the copyright owners have found the next "enemy" - Apple. On the day before this year's "world Copyright Day" (April 26), a Beijing newspaper took the developer of the "Chinese newspapers" software running on the iPad to court for unauthorized use of its own layout and content. On the same day, LETV, a video station, also announced high-profile that it would "peel apple", saying that it would file a lawsuit because the apple store illegally broadcast "painted skin"

"in fact, it's not just Apple, but the infringement and piracy phenomenon in other app stores is more serious", an industry insider told

trouble series after series

Apple has already become a "thorn in the side" of text copyright owners

a Beijing media that sued the software developer of "Chinese newspapers and periodicals" said that in August last year, it was found that its own content, which could meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials, was used without authorization, and the negotiation was fruitless, so it was prosecuted. In December last year, several Japanese publishers accused apple of suspected piracy of some Japanese digital books sold in its app store, including Haruki Murakami's new work 1q84 after seven years of dormancy

domestic writers and copyright owners are also very dissatisfied with apple. After denouncing Baidu in March this year, publisher Lu Jinbo said that Apple's Appstore would be "the next enemy", saying that it did not fully review copyright, allowed piracy to run rampant, and charged intermediary fees. Lu Jinbo revealed that Han Han himself spent $2.99 to download a set of "Han Han anthology" at Apple mall

"we are paying attention to and understanding this matter, and it is possible to take further actions", Zhang Hongbo, executive deputy director general of the association of literary and art writers, told the IT times

at the same time, the video copyright owners are also preparing to attack apple. LETV said recently that it would go to court with apple and file a lawsuit against the piracy of "painted skin" and other film and television dramas by the app store. Liuxiaoqing, LETV's legal director, told the IT times that the app store illegally disseminated film and television works such as "painted skin" that LETV had the exclusive right to network dissemination without LETV's authorization and without paying any fees, and the mechanical equipment was basically the same. "We claim 100000 from apple, which is actually very low. The film and television service business on mobile devices is in the early stage of development. We must crack down on piracy in order to promote the sustainable development of the industry." Liu Xiaoqing said

at the same time, LETV also found that several client software applied to Apple's IOS system were pirated, such as panda video and Chinese cinema. LETV will also sue the software developer Fujian Longhe Shixin Zhuoxian technology, "claiming 100000 yuan respectively."

Apple ignores domestic copyright issues

at the end of last year, after several publishers in Japan protested infringement, apple Japan pointed out in a statement: "we fully understand the importance of intellectual property rights, including copyright, and will immediately take appropriate measures to resolve relevant complaints", Haruki Murakami's novel "1q84 the location of the grounding device should be convenient for wiring" was also inspected for the changes in the metallographic microstructure of the friction surface before and after wear

for the copyright disputes in China, Apple has not yet made a statement to the outside world, "we have not received any opinions from Apple at present, and have not communicated", Liu Xiaoqing, LETV's legal director, told

Apple ignores copyright issues in China. Lu Jinbo previously said that Apple's app store is very strict in reviewing e-books in the U.S. market, but allows piracy in the Chinese market

you Yunting, an intellectual property lawyer at Shanghai Dabang law firm, found that Apple has no complaint channel in China. If the copyright owner finds that the content is infringed and pirated, he can only go to Apple America to complain. You Yunting checked the official complaint guide page of Apple company on. According to the English content of the page, the complaint address and are all Apple company in the United States. You Yunting also checked the apple China website and the relevant pages of the app store on the computer iTunes software, and found no complaint channels. The final links of the relevant page guidelines all point to the contact information of Apple America. You Yunting suggested that Apple China should provide complaint channels and corresponding legal support

it is not just apple that infringes

"there is quite a common phenomenon of infringement and piracy in domestic app stores. Apple's problem is more noteworthy because it attracts attention, and the problems in some other app stores are more serious," said Liu Kun, general manager of Greater China of PopCap baokai game company

popcap's name is unfamiliar to many people, but the games it develops are familiar to everyone, such as plants vs zombies and Zuma. Liu Kun said that infringement and piracy of their company's games were found in other app stores. "We also deal with these infringement and piracy through relevant channels."

vcboy is the main developer of the e-book reading software "beneficial to open the book", which is downloaded in all app stores in China. Because it is free, vcboy has not found that his software has been pirated, but he told that infringement and piracy are common, and the domestic application development environment is very poor. "Basically, better software has cracked versions, that is, piracy. For example, we should catch a lot of them," vcboy said

song Qian (a pseudonym), the head of another application development studio in Beijing, also said that because of the proliferation of infringement and piracy, they still do not see the hope of profit. Song Qian was engaged in Android application development. Originally, they hoped to obtain revenue through user paid downloading, but they found that this road is difficult to go through now. "On the one hand, Android payment has not yet risen in China, on the other hand, it is piracy. If you charge, there will definitely be a cracked free version. Who can afford it?" Now they have to adopt the mode of "free + embedded advertising"

Liu Xiaoqing, legal director of LETV, said that LETV is also concerned about the infringement and piracy in other app stores, and will release it to the outside world after collecting conclusive evidence. It times

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