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Introduction to photochromic plastic film

choosing the appropriate variety of photochromic materials and finding out the best conditions, you can directly mix or dissolve the photochromic materials into the production process of plastic film, produce a plastic film with photochromic properties, and then paste it on the glass or embed it in the automotive glass to make photochromic safety glass. It is a colorless transparent film when there is no sunlight or light. When the light is illuminated, it will immediately change color (blue, purple, red, etc.) to shield the sunlight or light, so that the driver and passengers' vision will not be disturbed by the light, and they can see the direction clearly to ensure safety; When there is no sunlight or light, it returns to a colorless and transparent state; At the same time, it can also adjust the temperature in the car. This photochromic film can also be embedded or pasted on the glass of the room. In the summer when the sun is particularly strong, it becomes colored glass when exposed to the sun. Its function is to shield the sun, adjust the temperature in the house, and return to a colorless and transparent state when not exposed to the sun. It is cheaper than pure colored glass, and when there is no sunlight, it returns to a completely colorless and transparent state, and its performance is better than pure colored glass. If photochromic materials are dissolved or mixed into plastic film for greenhouse agricultural film, the output of agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be increased

the research work of photochromic materials in Nankai University began in the 1990s. It has applied for authorization of five patents related to photochromism, which are related to China's largest PA66 market in the world, published more than 40 relevant papers, and won the scientific and technological achievement award of the Ministry of education and the second prize of Tianjin scientific and Technological Achievement Award. The completed National Ninth Five Year Plan Project "Application Research of photochemical gene recognition materials" has passed the acceptance and appraisal of the Ministry of science and technology, and the completed Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on new materials of color changing films for automotive glass and door and window glass" has passed the acceptance

the raw material cost of photochromic materials is cheap. The production of photochromic plastic film will not increase the cost much compared with the production of ordinary plastic film, and photochromic glass is cheaper and superior in performance than pure colored glass

main technical indicators:

① it can change to blue under sunlight. The following details the key points that should be paid attention to in the modification of different kinds of recycled plastics:, green, red, purple check whether the water level controller water supply system is the normal color of water supply and other products

② fatigue resistance can reach 2-4 years in general environment

③ tasteless, non-toxic and non polluting

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