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China Mobile: app store has become the focus of competitive strategy

on December 23, at the "2010 Industrial Development Conference" held a few days ago, Chang Jiayue, senior manager of China Mobile Technology Department, said that app store has become the strategic focus of competition in the field of mobile Internet

Chang Jiayue said that China's three major operators have begun to deploy 3G networks and will enter 4G networks in three to five years. The intellectualization of terminals is an irresistible trend. With the launch of application stores by manufacturers and operators, application stores have become the strategic focus of competition in the field of mobile Internet

Chang Jiayue said that the mobile market of China Mobile officially realized the billing of games and software on November 1, 2009. By July 20 this year, the number of registered developers increased three times over the end of 2009, with more than 50000 people, more than 20000 application products sold, and 1.1 million songs. It is best to choose G-type impact device song

in terms of cooperation mode, Chang Jiayue said that China mobile mobile market is to provide you with a commodity display and sales platform, a billing, retrieval and after-sales service system. As long as mobile providers and developers contribute their ideas, ideas, applications or multimedia content, other things are left to operators

China mobile mobile market will gradually open up SDK, API development tools and other resources, and will provide data analysis, user information and other information to developers, so that they can do more targeted technical development, and further improve the quality of products through support

in addition, the cooperation between mobile market and terminal manufacturers is mainly to provide technical support for China's mobile developer community, and provide complete and authoritative SDK and API for mobile market application providers and individual developers. Because this type of experimental machine is still driven by hydraulic cylinder, task piston provides driving force and other resources, application testing support, application signature authentication support. Sadie

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