Iran and Brazil will build new refineries in Latin

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Iran and Brazil will build new refineries in Latin America

according to Sputnik, Russia, on May 10, seven Iranian vice ministers of petroleum said on Sunday that Iran and Brazil had signed a preliminary agreement to directly print out A4 format reports in Latin America and build new refineries according to the operating procedures of the impact testing machine

Iran's Mehr news agency quoted Abbas kazimi, Deputy Minister of oil and general manager of Iran's national petroleum refining and distribution company, as saying: "if the two countries reach a final agreement, they will cooperate to build a new refinery in Latin America, with an estimated crude oil processing capacity of 300000 barrels/day."

kazimi said that the processing object of the refinery is only crude oil, and the construction purpose is to "ensure the long-term demand for Iran's crude oil exports". He also added that Tehran has also held negotiations with an Indian company to build a refinery with a crude oil processing capacity of 400000 barrels a day in India

In April, a high-level Indian delegation visited Tehran to negotiate a new oil agreement with Iran

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