Iran's most popular Kahrizak paper company plans t

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Iran's Kahrizak paper company plans to increase the output of cartons

Iran's Kahrizak paper company plans to build a processing plant near its 60000 ton/year cardboard plant near Tehran

the total investment of the factory will be 2.5 million US dollars. At present, some methods and measures have been formulated in some urban areas in China. The company plans to select a cooperative enterprise in August this year, start the construction project from the beginning of 2003, and plan to complete and put into operation before the end of 2003. At present, the company has obtained low interest loans from the Central Bank of Iran

Gemay, general manager of Kahrizak paper company, said that China's R & D and production capacity is still relatively weak. El there are two chucks on the installation, saying that most of Iran's high-quality cartons are exported abroad, and they hope to seize this market. He also said that in order to try to maintain the balance between supply and demand in the domestic cardboard market, the company will only process gray cardboard with poor sales

in addition, the company has completed the feasibility study of building a new 300 ton/day gray paperboard factory in Zanjan. However, due to the extremely poor international market situation of this variety, the project was postponed indefinitely

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