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Gongyi vigorously develops characteristic industries, and a number of national industrial bases such as water purification appear.

entering the refractory science and Technology Park in Beishankou Town, Gongyi City, you can see wide roads crisscross, tall factories row upon row, and large trucks loaded with refractory products roaring past. Nowadays, such characteristic industrial towns as Beishankou town are not rare in Gongyi City. "Beishankou's refractory, Huiguo town's aluminum, and Zhitian's water purification agent rank first." This oral language spread in the local area vividly expounds the current position of various characteristic industries in Gongyi in the same industry in the country

in order to promote industrial agglomeration, Gongyi City has issued a series of preferential measures to speed up the construction of industrial parks. In addition to implementing 30% financial subsidies for infrastructure construction projects in the park, it also provides a series of "nanny" services for enterprises, which will further improve the competitiveness of the market, and at the same time, improve the technical threshold and environmental protection threshold for entering the park, strictly control the introduction of projects, focus on supporting the development of scientific and technological and environmental protection enterprises, and make the industrial park a base for the sustainable development of characteristic industries

while promoting industrial clusters, Gongyi City has vigorously strengthened scientific and technological innovation, so that local characteristic industries have always been in a leading position in the highly competitive market. Gongyi City is the first county (city) in the country to cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it shows that it is a bridge for the cooperation between enterprises with instrument box problems and scientific research institutions. At present, the stress at the time of producing a limited amount of plastic strain has been taken as the conditional yield strength. More than 500 enterprises have established cooperative relations with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, and 28 production, University and research bases have been built, and four industry scientific and technological innovation service centers have been established, including aluminum and aluminum deep processing, water purification agent, refractory materials and non-woven fabrics

Zhitian town used to have only more than 20 enterprises engaged in the production of water purification materials, with small scale and low-grade products. Since several large-scale enterprises cooperated with domestic key colleges and universities, they have developed a series of domestic advanced high value-added products, which are in short supply as soon as they go on the market. In just a few years, the local water purification material enterprises have grown to more than 40, and their products account for more than half of the market share of water purification materials in the country. Zhitian Town, which was unknown in the past, has become the largest production and export base of water purification materials in the country

from "one product in one town" to "one product in many towns", it has gradually grown into a characteristic industrial cluster, and a number of national industrial bases stand out locally. It is understood that at present, the aluminum processing, refractory, water purification agent, carpet and other industries in Gongyi have accounted for 1/20, 1/10, 1/2, 1/4 of the domestic market respectively, and have become the pillar industries for the leapfrog development of Gongyi economy

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