Go to Guizhou coal machinery to show your muscles

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Come on, go to Guizhou coal machinery exhibition to "brighten your muscles"

bring together 896 enterprises to attend the meeting

build a national

Coal Mine Intelligent exhibition platform

recently, Guizhou coal mine intelligent forum

and equipment exhibition was grandly held

heavy equipment was held with heads held high

XCMG complete sets of mining equipment

made an intensive appearance and ignited the whole audience

at present, traditional biomedical materials have been difficult to meet clinical requirements. XCMG brought seven intelligent coal mining equipment to the exhibition, and participated in more than 20 parallel forums held at the same time, looking forward to the future of the industry

gehuai's unique skills are born for mining

Guizhou is known as the "Southwest coal sea", with coal resource reserves of 241.9 billion tons, ranking fifth in the country. In the new era, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries put forward higher requirements for the intelligence, environmental protection and high efficiency of coal mining equipment

in response to the needs of high-quality development, XCMG's seven exhibition vehicles have their own unique skills. XCMG xe690dk Max excavator and XCMG ZL50E underground mining loader, which first appeared in the southwest, are the heavy works of XCMG Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various testing and experimental machines in the mining field. Whether it is large-scale open-pit mining or underground coal mine shovel loading, they can easily cope with adverse conditions and become the new favorite of the industry

XCMG xe550dk max, xe380dk Max excavators and XCMG lw600fv large tonnage loaders exhibited on the same stage have been widely used in the construction sites of major mines across the country. They are famous for their high quality and high efficiency in mining

XCMG EBZ160 and ebz2 assaying high configuration testing machines are equipped with 60 type roadheader as industry star products, which appear at the exhibition. Integrating new models, new technologies and new processes, the two devices are benchmark products for the intellectualization of roadheader machines, and become the "flow" responsibility of XCMG's booth. After half a day of exhibition, they received many intended orders and sucked countless powders

During the exhibition, XCMG invited Guiyang and surrounding customers to visit the site and held a special promotion and forum to discuss the Tao on the same stage and express their views

at the forum site of the intelligent tunneling and auxiliary transportation technology exchange meeting, experts and customers not only praised XCMG's advanced mining equipment, but also praised the 175 steel pipe scaffold fasteners for XCMG's leading technology of complete mining equipment

mines are one of the most complex and demanding working conditions in the world, and have high requirements on equipment brands, technical strength and other aspects

complete construction solutions for deep ploughing mines for decades. At present, XCMG has formed equipment solutions for the whole process of mining drilling, excavation, shoveling, loading, transportation, etc., and has exported a number of world-leading high-end equipment for super large open-pit mines, such as 700 ton mining hydraulic excavators, 400 ton mining dump trucks, 35 ton loaders, etc

in the critical period of high-quality development of mining industry, XCMG has provided the best complete set of mining construction solutions for global customers with excellent product quality, reliable operation performance and timely service guarantee, and has practiced "XCMG XCMG, help you succeed!" Our firm commitment

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