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Gojo industry, the inventor of Purui hand sanitizer, deployed a new injection molding production line

Gojo industry, a manufacturer of sanitary preparations, will spend six months renovating its plant in Wooster, Ohio, where the universal experimental motor tension machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed for the deployment of its new injection molding production line

Gojo, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, will rent large facilities in Worcester and plans to establish a manufacturing and warehousing center there to supplement the additional capacity of its original factory

gojo spokesman Kelly mcgumphy said in an open email, "this provides us with an opportunity to innovate the plastic molding industry among the growing middle class and Western influential consumers in China. We will also continue to explore business opportunities in other molding methods, such as blow molding."

a few years ago, in order to cope with global epidemics such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, Gojo research has now established a graphene pilot production line and issued the iconic Purell hand sanitizer, which has been widely welcomed by consumers and the popularity has soared. The container of this popular product adopts plastic pump head of injection molding

gojo president and CEO Mark Lerner said that the company will renovate the 1.3 million square foot Worcester factory in the next six months to one year, which used to belong to household goods company Newell

gojo predicts that the Worcester project will increase the first batch of 30 to 50 new jobs, and will increase to about 244 with the expansion of the project. The Ohio tax credit administration has approved a six-year job creation tax credit program with a tax credit rate of 60%

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