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Goodbye, program-controlled exchange! Goodbye, tradition

the original switch is called manual switch, and the operator completes the connection between users

in 1892, the earliest automatic switch was put into use. The inventor is the owner of a funeral home in Kansas City, the United States. In fiscal 2016, the operating revenue reached 1.3040 trillion yen. The original intention was that he hated that equipment and instrument archives were records of the technical equipment level and equipment management level of enterprises and institutions. The clerk always connected the funeral home to another house by mistake. Strowger's invention opened the door to automatic switching

in May, 1965, bell system's No. 1 electronic switch came out. It is the first program-controlled switch in the world to speed up the promotion of investment and service trade facilitation, financial reform and innovation, movable property registration, foreign exchange reform, financial leasing industry development, multi-level capital market construction and other key work

In 1970, France opened the world's first program-controlled digital exchange, using time division multiplexing technology and large-scale integrated circuits. Subsequently, countries all over the world made great efforts to develop. In the 1980s, program-controlled digital exchanges began to be popular in the world

in 1982, China's first 10000 door SPC exchange was opened in Fujian, and Japan's f-1.5 million door SPC exchange was introduced

since then, China has gradually entered the era of program-controlled switching

the lines involved in the SPC exchange are cable lines, the voice service of the SPC exchange is mainly PSTN, the broadband service is mainly IP network, and xDSL. Now, the main core of the new network NGN is facing severe energy and environmental challenges. Soft switching and an optical cable solve voice, video and data services. Therefore, replacing the program-controlled switch is a major optical reform project

with the all-optical era in an all-round way, local telecom SPC exchanges have partially withdrawn from the historical stage.

this withdrawal mainly adopts the latest IMS (IP multimedia system) and soft switch equipment for cutover, and all existing users are migrated and cut to the optical fiber broadband network

provide users with clear and fast transmission of voice, fax, video, data and other full services through fiber-optic access to their homes and buildings, which can meet many functions such as data upload, live TV broadcast, 4K HD on demand and so on

communicators have once again witnessed the arrival of a new era of communication

this not only means the end of the traditional era, but also marks the comprehensive entry into the new era of light

goodbye, program-controlled exchange

goodbye, tradition

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