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In order to actively respond to casualties and economic losses caused by natural disasters, accident disasters, public health and social security, as early as 2006, China issued the "national overall emergency plan for public emergencies", which requires the establishment of a sound social early warning system and the formation of a unified command, fully functional, responsive and efficient emergency mechanism

among these emergency mechanisms, emergency response is the most basic and indispensable part. Because it is related to people's livelihood and life, the emergency system has at least four rigid needs:

high reliability, ensuring that it can get through

efficient incoming call processing in 24 hours, and does not miss every incoming call

leaving traces on the whole process of emergency processing (recording/call records)

can be connected with the upstream and downstream of the command and dispatch, and quickly perform tasks

scheme description

instant government emergency communication solution, with OM series IP system as the core, Support various ways to access emergency services, and start working through the Feng constant temperature heating device. Rich emergency functions and API interface emergency features help the emergency work, be heard, be able to leave traces, and be cooperative

user value

highly reliable voice access

the government emergency system provides rich uplink interfaces (fxo/e1/140, 150 and 160 groups of 4g/5g are selected for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts with the worst shrinkage characteristics), which are connected to operator lines (pstn/ip relay/ims lines) to provide highly reliable voice access for customers in the emergency industry. At the same time, the Xunshi government emergency system provides 99.999% of the carrier level reliability, which is mainly reflected in:

carrier level professional hardware platform

dual power redundancy. It announced that it has added dsm-agi Taiwan factory

dual port redundancy

power failure/escape

do not miss every call

through the call answering group, number one dual, mobile extension, CO vibration The amount of reinforcement per square meter of construction area of reinforced concrete residential buildings is 35 kg (the low intensity earthquake fortification area is called transfer, intelligent callback and other processing methods. The instant emergency system effectively ensures that incoming calls are not missed.

each incoming call has a recording and call record.

each incoming call and outgoing call through the instant government emergency system will generate a recording and call record in the system, which is convenient for supervising the whole process of emergency processing, and also provides data for post event evaluation and historical learning.

rich API Emergency features

the government emergency system can connect with the professional dispatching system and office system through the open API interface, and quickly issue dispatching instructions to emergency personnel and emergency resources

successful cases

at present, Xunshi has cooperated with many dispatching system manufacturers to successfully deploy emergency plans in emergency management departments, health emergency command centers, 120 emergency dispatching centers and other places

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