Goodyear is the hottest supplier for Ford Taurus a

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Goodyear provides original tires for Ford Taurus and roadbreaker SUV vehicles

Goodyear tire rubber company recently announced its latest progress in the domestic original market. In the second half of 2018, its channel inventory continued to rise, focusing on silent and comfortable Yucheng generation II and Yucheng SUV products, which provide original tires for Ford Taurus and roadbreaker SUV vehicles that have recently been listed

Ford's newly launched Taurus luxury car has a wheelbase of 2949mm, which gives it an inherent advantage in riding space and comfort. The mainstream configuration models use Goodyear's latest Yucheng generation II products launched in 2015 as the main original tires, with the specification of 235/55/r17. With the latest "silent tread" design and optimized carcass structure, it can maximize the comfort and quiet driving experience for drivers

in addition, Ford Everest, a hardline SUV with non load-bearing body design, has also entered the Chinese market recently. It is equipped with high-tech configurations such as electric tailgate and third row seats, panoramic sunroof, automatic parking and adaptive cruise, as well as TMS all road condition adaptation system, which can adjust power distribution, traction control and rear axle differential lock, so as to realize four modes: Ordinary road, snow, sand and mountain. Combined with the 265/50/r20 gauge transmission process, it can be fixed in a gapless two-way way grid. 4. When replacing the test fixture of the tension machine, attention should be paid to cooperation to avoid damaging the special Yucheng SUV tire, so that the road shaker can ensure excellent off-road performance without improving the comfort of urban driving

Goodyear, as the main tire supporting manufacturer of Ford in the Chinese market, with its excellent product technology and performance, and a wide range of products, provides supporting services for many of its models, including mainstream cars such as fox and Mondeo, as well as medium-sized SUV products such as Yihu and Ruijie

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