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Introduction of corrugated paper ring blank holder strength tester

the corrugated paper joystick should be in the "ready" position. Please recognize that Gauss should have excellent grounding installation instruments with high precision, good quality, three-year annual warranty, and be trustworthy Purpose:

ring blank holder strength tester is sensed by high-precision sensor, and the strength is displayed digitally through software analysis For corrugated core paper and kraft paper tape with thickness less than 1mm, the performance requirements of products are becoming higher and higher The sample is placed in the container of the ring disc, and the machine is used to test the compressive strength in the vertical direction. It is used with various accessories, and can test the ring compressive strength, edge compressive strength, flat compressive strength, adhesive strength and compressive strength of the paperboard. It is applicable to the nominal diameter of 100mm (4) 000mm, and the pressure grade is 0.1MPa (2) 5MPa, the ring stiffness grade is 1250n/m ⑴ 0000n/m, and the frpm pipe stiffness and other test items for underground and surface water supply and drainage water conservancy, farmland irrigation and other pipeline projects

II Executive standard:

tappi-t472, T808, T810, t811, T818, jis-p8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17

capacity: 100kg, 200kg (optional)

resolution: 1/10000

accuracy: 1%

display mode: LED display

pressing plate: 100 100mm or depending on the diameter of flat pressing sample

compression spacing: 80mm

pressing plate parallelism: 0.05mm

ring pressing sample: 152.4 12.7mm

edge pressing sample: 25 100mm

test speed: 12.7mm/min

power: 1/8hp

appearance size: (L w h) 430400 600mm

weight: 40kg

power supply: 1 ∮, AC220V, 1.5a

III Main technical parameters:

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