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Introduction and market analysis of tobacco packaging materials

cigarette paper

as a special kind of paper, cigarette paper occupies a high position in tissue paper. At the same time, as a cigarette material, it also occupies a place in the tobacco industry. Cigarette paper for machine-made cigarettes is called cigarette tray paper, and cigarette paper for hand rolled cigarettes is called flat cigarette paper. The production technology of cigarette paper has its particularity and difficulty. Only a few countries in the world can produce it. At present, the global consumption of cigarette paper is about 300000 tons, one third of which is produced in China, and the other 200000 tons are produced in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, the United States and other places

the first cigarette paper producer in the world is Schweitzer mauduit of France, and the second is trierenberg group of Austria. These two enterprises play an important role in the global production of cigarette paper. The annual output of Shi weice - Moody's reaches more than 70000 tons, accounting for 23% of the global share; The annual output of Trenberth group is about 50000 tons, accounting for 16% of the global share. The production capacity and scale of other cigarette paper production enterprises in the world are relatively small, such as ecusta in the United States, Schoeller Hoesch in Germany, Glantz in the United Kingdom, Robert Fletcher in the United Kingdom, and enterprises in Italy, Spain, Indonesia and other countries. The total output remains at the level of 80000-100000 tons

the top five cigarette paper manufacturers in China are: Yunnan Hongta Lanying paper, Sichuan Jinfeng paper, Hangzhou Huafeng paper, Jiaxing Minfeng paper and Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper

in the 1990s, there were 27 cigarette paper manufacturers designated by the state to produce more than 100000 tons of cigarette paper of various grades, which far exceeded the total demand of the cigarette industry. In addition, there were 10000 tons of imported cigarette paper every year at that time, the contradiction between supply and demand was very prominent. In addition, from 1992 to the present, China has transformed and introduced 10 carbon nanotube cigarette paper production lines with large area and high quality on carbon fiber substrates sensitive to temperature. Its equipment level, automatic control ability, production scale and product quality have all reached the highest level in the world. The production capacity of high-grade cigarette paper in China has reached 89000 tons

at present, the domestic cigarette paper production enterprises have successively expanded their production scale, and the medium and low-grade cigarette paper market has been in a situation of oversupply. Coupled with the impact of imported cigarette paper, the domestic market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Moving to the international market is an inevitable trend to alleviate the excess capacity. In 2002, China imported 10800 tons of high-grade cigarette paper and exported 7000 tons of cigarette paper (including 1350 tons of tray paper and 5650 tons of flat cigarette paper)

aluminum foil paper

as a packaging material, aluminum foil has played a role in improving the barrier property, shading, dust prevention, bacteria resistance and packaging machinery adaptability. The use of aluminum foil paper in cigarette packaging mainly takes advantage of its moisture-proof, fragrance preserving, moisture retaining and aesthetic characteristics. Aluminum foil paper has good protective properties. Aluminum foil cigarette packs hardly absorb any aroma substances. Other materials such as metal plated (coated) paper or printing paper can not achieve similar quality and the ability to protect aroma. In addition, as the lining paper of cigarette packaging, aluminum foil has good fluidity on the packaging machine, and can maintain high production efficiency even on the fastest machine

aluminum foil can be divided into hard, soft, glossy or not, and patterned or not. Most cigarette aluminum foils are soft foils with single-sided gloss, embossed and lined paper. Some cigarette aluminum foils also have special specifications such as gold printing on aluminum foil paper and words printing on lining paper

the international cigarette industry usually uses composite aluminum foil paper and sprayed aluminum foil paper. At present, China's tobacco industry mainly uses composite aluminum foil paper, accounting for about 70%, and the other 30% uses spray plated foil. The technical level of domestic enterprises in producing high-quality aluminum foil paper is equivalent to the international level, but the overall quality of domestic aluminum foil paper still lags behind the international level

with the continuous increase of cigarette varieties and cigarette grades in the domestic tobacco industry, the quality requirements for aluminum foil paper are also increasing and improving. Cigarette aluminum foil paper with special specifications and special requirements (such as aluminum foil printing and lining paper printing) accounts for a large proportion of market demand

the main domestic aluminum foil paper manufacturers include Nanjing gold foil group, Jiangsu Daya group, Yunnan Xinxing Renheng packaging materials Co., Ltd., Shantou Weida aluminum foil paper factory, Shandong Qingzhou aluminum foil paper corporation and Shandong Huaxin aluminum foil paper factory

tipping paper

tipping paper is a cigarette packaging material used as the outer packaging of filter cigarette tip rod, which belongs to special industrial paper. It is named for its pine like appearance. Tipping paper is in direct contact with the lips of smokers. Therefore, the printing ink and coating of tipping paper must be non-toxic, comply with food hygiene standards, and the equipment flow range is 15 ~ 140 g/s, with certain water resistance and wet strength. According to the different processing technology, tipping paper can be divided into printing tipping paper and coating tipping paper. Printed tipping paper is printed by gravure printing process, with beautiful surface, good leveling performance and high technical requirements, which is suitable for medium and high-grade cigarettes; Coated tipping paper is processed by coating process. The process is simple, and the surface pattern quality and levelness are worse than those of printed tipping paper. It is commonly used in low-grade cigarettes

in recent years, tipping paper has developed rapidly in China, with great development and innovation in function and use. The use of tipping paper in cigarette factories is not limited to packaging, but pays more attention to its decoration, and has higher requirements for the printing aesthetics of tipping paper. Tipping paper has developed from a single monochrome variety to multi-color products, and the proportion of multi-color products has increased year by year. In terms of varieties, the market share of printed tipping paper has exceeded that of coated tipping paper. With the growing voice of cigarette health and environmental protection, as one of the important means to reduce tar content and reduce the harm of smoking, electrostatic and laser perforated tipping paper has developed rapidly, especially laser perforated tipping paper has become an important development direction in the future. In addition, tipping paper is also used by some cigarette factories as anti-counterfeiting technology for cigarette anti-counterfeiting

the main domestic tipping paper manufacturers include Zhejiang Longyou Mande tipping paper company, Yunnan Yuxi tipping paper factory, etc

bopp cigarette film

cigarette packaging film is referred to as cigarette film, which is a high-grade BOPP film. The smoke film is generally not less than 90% of the nominal maximum force FM of the whole steel strand compared with the ordinary packaging film; It has the characteristics of low heat sealing temperature, better barrier performance, high transparency and uniform thickness. The development trend of smoke film is rigid and thin, high gloss, high stiffness, high anti-static level, wide heat sealing temperature, low haze, low friction coefficient, and consistent shrinkage in horizontal and vertical directions

cigarette film can be divided into strip package and small package. At present, there are three types of smoke films produced in China: heat shrinkable, tolerant and high-speed. Heat shrinkable cigarette film is mainly used for packaging high-grade cigarettes; Tolerant cigarette film is suitable for various types of cigarette packaging machines; High speed cigarette film is especially used for high-speed cigarette packaging machine

the tobacco industry is one of the major users of BOPP film. The total annual demand of domestic tobacco film is 60000-80000 tons. The main production plants include Kunming Kunling, Guangdong Zhanjiang, Foshan, Sichuan Neijiang and Guizhou Xizhong (with shares held by China National Packaging Import and Export Corporation), Nanjing Zhongda film manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hubei Yunmeng, Sichuan MasterCard, etc. In 2001, the output of BOPP film in China was 60000 tons, which basically met the domestic demand in terms of quantity. However, the quality of some domestic films was not satisfactory, especially the high-speed packaging requirements of small packaging. PVDC composite film is required for the small packaging film of some high-grade cigarettes such as "Zhonghua" cigarettes, which is mainly imported

with the increasing demand for anti-counterfeiting packaging and anti-counterfeiting in tobacco enterprises, BOPP anti-counterfeiting shrink film came into being. BOPP anti-counterfeiting shrink film has the characteristics of not easy to forge, clear and easy to distinguish anti-counterfeiting graphics and texts, easy to identify, low cost, gloss and transparency, fresh-keeping and moisture-proof, and enhancing the aesthetic feeling of packaging appearance. It has a broad prospect in the tobacco packaging industry. In the cigarette industry, if only 20% of medium and high-grade cigarettes are packed with BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeiting shrink film, the demand will be more than 3000 tons

gold pull wire

gold pull wire, also known as cigarette unpacking pull tape, unpacking pull wire, unpacking pull wire and cellophane tape, is used to unpack the film of cigarette box, and it also affects the effect of packaging appearance design. Some cigarette factories also regard it as the information carrier of brand and anti-counterfeiting. Gold stay wire is produced with the promotion of tobacco film, and has developed into an industry in China

the types of gold stay wire can be divided into gold, silver, red, transparent color, gold plating, silver plating, adding gold wire, adding silver wire and so on according to the different gravure printing colors. The varieties are divided into ordinary stay wire, adhesive stay wire, wax coated stay wire, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting stay wire, shrinkage stay wire, hollow anti-counterfeiting stay wire, micro anti-counterfeiting stay wire, stealth + anti-counterfeiting (code) stay wire, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting stay wire, 10000 meter ultra-thin non sidewall cigarette adhesive stay wire, etc. Due to the diversification of China's tobacco market and numerous brands, local tobacco factories have different requirements for cigarette packaging design, and the anti-counterfeiting demand arising from the fight against counterfeit products, domestic gold stay wire has been developing towards the diversification of product forms. This is totally different from the development direction of foreign counterparts with diversified performance

the world's largest cable manufacturer is p p Payne company in the UK. Chinese cable manufacturers mainly include Guangzhou bearded cable company, Nanjing gold foil group gold cable factory, Hong Kong Yongfa cable factory, Wenzhou Lida packaging company, Nanjing Ninghai flexible packaging factory and Yuxi Yuxing packaging materials company. Among them, the bearded pull wire company was recognized as a pull wire supplier by British American Tobacco at the end of 2000. This is the first cigarette material supplier confirmed by bat in China. The price of international cigarette adhesive tape has been reduced by 40%-50% due to the entry of Chinese gold pull wire into the international market

white cardboard

in the domestic market, there is a huge demand for white cardboard for packaging, of which the amount of white cardboard used for cigarette packaging accounts for a considerable proportion. With the development of domestic cigarette packaging from soft box packaging (coated paper) to hard box packaging (white cardboard), the demand for cigarette white cardboard continues to rise

at present, the imported white paperboard has a considerable market share in the domestic market, but the domestic white paperboard has the potential to occupy this part of the market. After China's accession to the WTO, although the import tax rate of white paperboard has decreased, the absolute amount of import tax is still high because white paperboard is a high-value paper (the normal price is generally usd950--1100/MT). Even if all domestic white paperboard is produced with imported wood pulp, because the tariff of wood pulp is zero, domestic white paperboard still has a certain advantage in price

for domestic white card paper mills, how to improve their product quality to meet the requirements of the market is the key to open the domestic market. In particular, whether to open the cigarette pack white card paper market can be said to be a sign to measure whether the product quality of domestic manufacturers has reached high-end quality

major domestic white card paper manufacturers include Zhuhai Hongta Renheng paper, Ningbo Zhonghua paper and Shandong Taiyang paper

coated paper

cigarette flexible packaging is one of the main markets of coated paper. The growth of coated paper market demand in China began in the 1990s. In the '90s

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