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The United States has become the "strongest" country in the world's manufacturing industry, and the French manufacturing industry is full of haze.

the United States seems to have become the "strongest" country in the world's manufacturing industry. The French manufacturing industry is full of haze. With the release of Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) in August by major global economies, the United States seems to have become the strongest manufacturing country in the world

the U.S. manufacturing industry has become a bright spot in the recovery.

the latest report released by the American Institute of Supply Management (ISM) shows that the U.S. manufacturing industry has expanded for the 15th consecutive month and the expansion pace is well known and continues to accelerate. In August, the ISM manufacturing index of the United States rose to 59 from 57.1 in the previous month, the highest level since march2011. Among them, the new manufacturing order index climbed to 66.7 in August, the highest level since April2004. In addition, the U.S. manufacturing PMI index in August released by Markit, a data compilation agency, also rose to 57.9 from 55.8 in July

making a kind of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and waterproof material with superior performance is the highlight of China's economic recovery. The high production speed of materials enables us to carefully inspect hundreds of parts every week to improve our automobile performance. Affected by the extremely cold weather at the beginning of the year, the US manufacturing PMI index fell to the lowest point since may2013 in January. Since February, the purchasing managers' index of U.S. manufacturing industry began to rise continuously, and the increase rate exceeded expectations. Mar China's composite polyurethane adhesive industry has achieved sustained, rapid and stable development. Tim, a senior economist at kit, said that the acceleration of the recovery of the U.S. job market shows that the manufacturing industry continues to have a positive impact on the overall labor market environment

according to the previous report issued by the International Monetary Fund, although the proportion of U.S. manufacturing in GDP has continued to decline in the past 30 years, the strong recovery of U.S. manufacturing since the 2008 financial crisis has been remarkable. From 2009 to 2013, the US manufacturing industry grew by about 20%. Worldwide, the proportion of American manufacturing industry in the global manufacturing industry has stabilized at about 20% since 2008. In addition, in order to promote the development of advanced manufacturing industry, the Obama administration has successively established four manufacturing innovation centers

the competitiveness report of exporting countries released by Boston Consulting Company shows that the United States has once again become the rising star of the global manufacturing industry. This is mainly due to the decline in natural gas prices caused by the shale gas revolution in the United States, the rise in workers' productivity, and no upward pressure on wages

the French manufacturing industry is full of haze

from a global perspective, who is the poor student? The answer is France

according to the data released by Markit, the French manufacturing PMI index fell to 46.9 in August from 47.8 in July, the lowest level in nearly 15 months. The level of new orders, employment and purchasing inventory of enterprises accelerated to decline across the board. According to the French National Bureau of statistics, the French manufacturing prosperity index also fell from 97 in July to 96 in August, the lowest since July 2013

the performance of French manufacturing industry is even worse than that of European pig countries. Data show that the manufacturing PMI of Greece rose to 50.1 in August, and the manufacturing PMI index of Ireland rose to the highest level since 1999. Spain's manufacturing PMI index in August was 52.8. Although it decreased, it was still higher than the critical line of 50

although French President Hollande earlier promised to gradually reduce the wage tax of 30billion euros within three years, enterprises are unwilling to expand production in the face of weak demand

Jack, a senior economist at Markit, said that in the first two quarters of this year, France's economic growth has stagnated because the manufacturing industry is still in a difficult situation. The weak performance of the French economy will continue into the third quarter

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