Introduction of the apparatus for separating subst

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Relevant introduction to the apparatus for separating substances in chemical experiments

(1) the funnel is divided into ordinary funnel, long neck leak progressive task effective funnel and liquid separation funnel. The common funnel is used to filter or stabilize the loading valve to transfer liquid to the small mouth container. The long neck funnel is used to inject liquid into the gas generating device. The separating funnel is used to separate different liquids with different densities and immiscible with each other, and can also be used to add liquid to the reactor at any time. Also used for extraction accuracy: ± 0.5%

(2) the washing cylinder is generally assembled with wide mouth bottle, conical bottle or large test tube. The liquid contained in the washing cylinder is used to wash the gas, except for water or other gas impurities. It should be noted that the flow direction of gas should be reversed during use. The metallographic microscope is a high-precision optical instrument, generally long in and short out

(3) drying tube the solid contained in the drying tube is used to wash the gas and remove moisture or other gas impurities. U-shaped tube can also be used

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